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Transformer - Audio Interstage, 10 mA
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Type → Audio Interstage
Transformer - Audio Interstage, 10 mA image 1

Equivalent to Stancor A53-C. 1:3 ratio overall. Center tapped secondary may be used for push-pull grids. Specifications Max. Primary Current: 10 mA Impedance Primary to Secondary (Ohms): 10,000 to 90,000 Mounting centers: 2" Weight: 0.4 lbs.

Item Length2.365 in.
Item Width1.224 in.
Item Height1.36 in.
Mounting Center Distance A1.95 in.
Fastener Hole Diameter0.187 in.
Weight0.343 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions7.3 in. x 2.3 in. x 1.3 in.