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Transformer - Hammond, Power, 275-0-275 V, 104 mA
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Brand → Hammond
Type → Power
Transformer - Hammond, Power, 275-0-275 V, 104 mA image 1


Size: 83 VA
Dual Primary: 115 VAC, 125 VAC, 60 Hz.
A.C. high Voltage Secondary RMS: 550V.C.T. @ 104mA
Filament Winding #1 5 V @ 2 A
Filament Winding #2 6.3 V @ 3 A


  • Enclosed, 4 hole, chassis mount.
  • Minimum 6" long leads.
  • Units can be run full wave bridge or full wave C.T.
  • Class A insulation (105 degrees C).
  • Hi-Pot test of 2,000V RMS.
  • Conservative designs - CSA certified (209651).
  • NOTE: A production "running change" has been made to the primary winding - effective with August 2009 production.

Choice #1 (115 VAC Input): For those customers who need the 115V input - nothing has changed - simply use the White & Gray wires and tape the Black wire (see above schematic). Choice #2 (125 VAC Input): For those customers who are seeing too high a secondary voltage due to higher primary line voltages (roughly 125V input) - use the White & Black wire and tape the gray wire Caution: NEVER connect power to BOTH the GRAY & BLACK wire - instantaneous destruction of the transformer will result!

Item Length2.5 in.
Item Width3 in.
Item Height3.06 in.
Mounting Center Distance A2 in.
Mounting Center Distance B1.938 in.
Fastener Hole Diameter0.203 in.
Weight3.25 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions5.75 in. x 5.25 in. x 5.375 in.

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