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Potentiometer - Alpha, Linear, Solid Shaft
Product Data:
Item ID: 003786
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Brand → Alpha
Application → Amp
Type/Size → 24mm Body
Resistance → 1M
Resistance → 250k
Resistance → 25k
Resistance → 10k
Resistance → 100k
Resistance → 5k
Resistance → 50k
Resistance → 1k
Shaft → Solid
Taper → Linear
Potentiometer - Alpha, Linear, Solid Shaft image 1Potentiometer - Alpha, Linear, Solid Shaft image 2Potentiometer - Alpha, Linear, Solid Shaft image 3

24 mm carbon composition. 300° rotation. ½" watt, 500VDC rating. Linear taper.

1 MΩR-VA1MLWeight0.029 lbs.
1 kΩR-VA1KLWeight0.028 lbs.
10 kΩR-VA10KLWeight0.028 lbs.
100 kΩR-VA100KLWeight0.028 lbs.
25 kΩR-VA25KLWeight0.028 lbs.
250 kΩR-VA250KLWeight0.028 lbs.
5 kΩR-VA5KLWeight0.027 lbs.
50 kΩR-VA50KLWeight0.027 lbs.
All modelsBody Depth0.46 in.
All modelsBody Diameter0.95 in.
All modelsBushing Length0.26 in.
All modelsMetric Thread Major Diameter8 mm.
All modelsMetric Thread Pitch0.75 mm.
All modelsPackaging Dimensions1.3 in. x 1.1 in. x 1 in.
All modelsShaft Diameter0.25 in.
All modelsShaft Length0.34 in.
All modelsShaft Rotation300 deg.

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