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Potentiometer - PEC Guitar, Audio, Solid Shaft Electronics
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Brand → Precision Electronics
Application → Guitar
Resistance → 500k
Resistance → 250k
Shaft → Slotted
Taper → Audio
Type → Potentiometers
Potentiometer - PEC Guitar, Audio, Solid Shaft image 1

Precision Electronic Components (PEC) Potentiometers are very high quality replacement and upgrade components. Hot molded Carbon element, gold-plated terminals, 24mm potentiometer with stainless steel slotted solid shaft and one piece brass housing. Mechanical rotation: 300°, ¼" shaft diameter, 3/8" bushing diameter, 3/8" shaft length, ¼" bushing length. 1 watt.

250 kΩR-VPE250KASS-1Weight0.051 lbs.
500 kΩR-VPE500KASS-1Weight0.048 lbs.
All modelsBody Depth0.46 in.
All modelsBody Diameter0.95 in.
All modelsBushing Length0.25 in.
All modelsPackaging Dimensions1.3 in. x 1.1 in. x 1 in.
All modelsShaft Diameter0.25 in.
All modelsShaft Length0.375 in.
All modelsShaft Rotation300 deg.
All modelsU.S. Thread Major Diameter0.375 in.
All modelsU.S. Thread Pitch32 tpi.

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