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Potentiometer - Linear, Solid Shaft, Snap-In, Bracket
Product Data:
Item ID: 003910
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Application → Amp
Type/Size → 16mm Body
Resistance → 25k
Resistance → 100k
Shaft → Solid
Taper → Linear
Type → Potentiometers
Potentiometer - Linear, Solid Shaft, Snap-In, Bracket image 1

Linear. 16mm body size (mini type) Snap-In pot with mounting bracket. Solid Shaft ¼", 3/8" length shaft. 8mm bushing, ¼" bushing length. PC Mount. Nut and washer included.

All modelsBody Depth0.385 in.
All modelsBody Width0.77 in.
All modelsBushing Length0.26 in.
All modelsMetric Thread Major Diameter8 mm.
All modelsMetric Thread Pitch0.75 mm.
All modelsPackaging Dimensions1.5 in. x 1 in. x 0.9 in.
All modelsShaft Diameter0.25 in.
All modelsShaft Length0.38 in.
All modelsShaft Rotation300 deg.
All modelsWeight0.02 lbs.