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Potentiometer - Audio, D Shaft, 16mm, Snap-In, Bracket
Product Data:
Item ID: 003918
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Application → Amp
Type/Size → 16mm Body
Resistance → 50k
Resistance → 2k
Shaft → D-Type
Taper → Audio
Type → Potentiometers
Potentiometer - Audio, D Shaft, 16mm, Snap-In, Bracket image 1

Audio. 16mm body size (mini type) Snap-In pot with mounting bracket. D-Shaft ¼", ½" length shaft. 7mm bushing, ¼" bushing length. PC Mount. Nut and washer included

All modelsBody Depth0.385 in.
All modelsBody Width0.77 in.
All modelsBushing Length0.26 in.
All modelsD-Shaft Diameter0.235 in.
All modelsD-Shaft Width0.175 in.
All modelsMetric Thread Major Diameter7 mm.
All modelsMetric Thread Pitch0.75 mm.
All modelsPackaging Dimensions1.6 in. x 1 in. x 0.9 in.
All modelsShaft Length0.53 in.
All modelsShaft Rotation300 deg.
All modelsWeight0.02 lbs.