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Potentiometer - Fender®, 250K, Tone Control, for Tele/Strat
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Item ID: 003932
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Application → Guitar
Type/Size → 24mm Body
Brand → Fender
Resistance → 250k
Taper → TBX Tone Control
Potentiometer - Fender®, 250K, Tone Control, for Tele/Strat image 1

250K ohm. Original TBX tone control for most Strats and Teles. CTS manufactured, includes capacitor and comes in original Fender® packaging. Some instruments have a unique tone circuit that features a TBX Tone Control (Patented). The TBX (which stands for Treble Bass Expander), is a dual concentric stacked tone pot. The pot has a detent in the middle position. From 0 to 5 (at the detent), the TBX functions like a normal tone circuit with filtration through a capacitor. Advancing the knob counterclockwise from the detent position gradually filters off high frequencies, like a standard tone control. Rotate the knob clockwise from the detent position, and you add presence and brightness by allowing the pickups' natural resonance to come through.

Weight0.107 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions5.8 in. x 5.1 in. x 1 in.