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Screwdriver Set - Xcelite, Mini, 6 pieces
Product Data:
Item ID: 004331
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Type → Screws
Type → Tools → Hand
Brand → Xcelite
Brand → Xcelite
Brand → Xcelite
Screwdriver Set - Xcelite, Mini, 6 pieces image 1

6-Piece Mini-driver Kit. Features:

  • Miniature version of compact convertible set. for precise detail work.
  • Mini-drivers consist of jeweler's type and Phillips® screwdriver blades.
  • Molded in color-coded plastic handles.
  • Contains a black torque amplifier handle.
  • Furnished in see-through plastic case.
Weight0.117 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions2.6 in. x 0.9 in. x 0.8 in.