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6L6GC - Beam Power Amplifier
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Type → Power
Brand → NOS

New Old-Stock (N.O.S.) tube
The 6L6GC is a beam power pentode primarily designed for use in audio-frequency power amplifier applications. Features of this tube include high power output capabilities, high plate and screen dissipation ratings, high efficiency, high power sensativity, and low distortion.

It has the same characteristics as all tubes in the 6L6 family, and may be used in any applications where another 6L6 is suitable (exclude pin 1 if replacing metal 6L6). The higher ratings of the 6L6GC, however, are advantageous where greater power handling capability is required than is available with other 6L6 types.
Also known by US military identifier "VT-115", "VT-115A"

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