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EL84 - Sovtek
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Type → Power
Brand → Sovtek
Type → Apex Matched
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The Sovtek EL84 series produce an unbeatable smooth, warm, distortion. Excellent replacements in vintage VOX AC-30s and the like. Tube measurements are as follows:

  • Height: 2.75” (without pins)*
  • Diameter: 0.87”*

*Note: Due to the method of production in regards to the glass, measurements may vary slightly.

Apex Matched PairT-EL84-SOVT-MPPackaging Dimensions3.4 in. x 2.1 in. x 1 in.
Apex Matched PairT-EL84-SOVT-MPWeight0.104 lbs.
Apex Matched QuadT-EL84-SOVT-MQPackaging Dimensions3.4 in. x 2.1 in. x 2.1 in.
Apex Matched QuadT-EL84-SOVT-MQWeight0.208 lbs.
SingleT-EL84-SOVTPackaging Dimensions1 in. x 1 in. x 3.3 in.
SingleT-EL84-SOVTWeight0.052 lbs.