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Adapter Kit - Vibramate, Standard Carved Top Les Paul
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Vibramate V7-LP Les Paul Adapter Mounting Kit, For Bigsby B7

Now you can install a Bigsby Vibrato on your carved top Les PaulĀ® guitar without drilling any holes! The Vibramate V7-LP Model Mounting Kit is designed for a Bigsby B7 Original Vibrato and will fit most Standard Carved Top Les PaulĀ® guitars with Stop Tailpiece and Tune-O-Matic Bridge.

Vibramate The kit installs in minutes with the included hardware and eliminates the need for drilling holes in your instrument.

Vibramate V7-LP Kit includes the Vibramate V7 "Dogbone" mounting plate with felt-pads on the bottom for a soft touch to the top of your guitar.

The Vibramate V7-LP kit also includes our felt-padded Tailpiece Plate for mounting the Hinge-Plate of the Bigsby B7 to the Strap Pin hole at the lower end of your guitar.

Vibramate automatically positions the Bigsby Vibrato in the proper orientation and makes a very clean finished appearance with great performance.

* Note: Vibramate V7 is designed for the Bigsby "Original" B7 Vibrato ONLY and will not work with other variations such as the "Licensed" B70 Model or the Import B700 Model. Make sure you have the correct Bigsby Vibrato for proper installation of the Vibramate Kit!

Multiple color options available.

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