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Pickup - Lace, Lace Sensor Dually, Red - Blue
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Lace Sensor Dually Pickups

The Sensor - World Class Tone. Lace has built these world famous patented pickups since 1985. Used exclusively by FenderĀ® until 1996.

Used on the StratĀ® Ultra and other models. Use the Dually in full mode or switch to split mode.

Red/Blue Dually:

  • Position: bridge
  • Resistance: 27.2k
  • Peak frequency: 1570
  • Inductance: 10.6 henries

ADJUSTMENT TIP: For optimum tone and output from our Sensors, we recommend adjusting the height to .170" from string to pickup, or approx. the height of 2 dimes and a nickel. (REMEMBER string thickness applies to height - use bottom of string closest to pickup for measurement.)

Weight0.41 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions4.5 in. x 4.5 in. x 1.25 in.