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Transformer - Hammond, Power, 350-0-350V, 70-90 mA
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Brand → Hammond
Type → Power
Transformer - Hammond, Power, 350-0-350V, 70-90 mA image 1

Custom manufactured to replace most 6 and 7 tube sets of the early 1930s. Supplied with vertical mounting shells. Provides a seperate filament winding for audio output stages.

Rating: 350-0-350 V, 70 or 90 mA (if 5 V winding is used with 2 A rectifier)
Windings: 5 V, 3 A; 2.5 V, 7.5 A; 2.5 VCT, 3.5 A
Mounting Centers:2 x 2.625"
Weight: 4.2 lbs.
Overall Height: 3.12"

Item Length2.5 in.
Item Width3.688 in.
Item Height3.046 in.
Mounting Center Distance A2 in.
Mounting Center Distance B2.688 in.
Fastener Hole Diameter0.203 in.
Weight5 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions5 in. x 5 in. x 5.25 in.

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