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Heat Sink Compound - silicone, Type Z9, 1 oz
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Heat Sink Compound - silicone, Type Z9, 1 oz image 1

Type Z9, 1 fluid ounce. Silicone base, extra high-efficiency heat transfer. Made in USA. For mounting transistors, diodes, rectifiers, and resistors. Thermal joint compound for any device where efficient cooling is desired.

  • For effective transfer of heat between components & heat sinks
  • Will not dry or harden
  • White paste

Grease-like consistency; opaque white in color; zero bleed; very stable at elevated temperatures; excellent thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity; efficient thermal coupler; effective and positive heat sink sealers and heat transfer agent. The product offers high thermal conductivity, virtually no bleed or evaporation over a wide operating temperature range. It will not harden, dry out or melt after 1,000 hours at 200°C. Meets Mil-C-47009 and Mil-C-47113.

Weight0.182 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions9.5 in. x 2.8 in. x 1 in.