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Jack - Peavey, 1/4", Stereo, PC Mount
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Brand → Peavey
Type → 1/4" Jacks
Jack - Peavey, 1/4", Stereo, PC Mount image 1

Jack - Peavey, Stereo Jack with Metal Bushing. 5 PC mount terminals include: tip, tip-shunt (normally closed), ring, ring-shunt (normally closed) and sleeve.

Item Height1.38 in.
Depth1.08 in.
Body Depth0.78 in.
Body Width0.61 in.
Bushing Length0.27 in.
U.S. Thread Major Diameter0.375 in.
U.S. Thread Pitch32 tpi.
Plug Diameter0.25 in.
Weight0.022 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions0.6125 in. x 0.6125 in. x 1.378 in.

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