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String Action Gauge - Measurement Tool
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Type → Rulers and Gauges
Type → Luthier Tools
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A stainless steel pocket-sized String Action Gauge that's perfect for obtaining accurate action measurements for any guitar, including string to pole piece distance, fret slot depth, string nut slot depth, pole piece height, saddle height, slot depth, and more!
The back of the ruler contains useful conversions.
Available in metric or in imperial measurements (inches)

Imperial (Inches)S-T200Packaging Dimensions3.489 in. x 1.9925 in. x 0.023 in.
Imperial (Inches)S-T200Weight0.029 lbs.
MetricS-T201Packaging Dimensions3.495 in. x 1.99 in. x 0.0196 in.
MetricS-T201Weight0.03 lbs.