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Attenuator - Recycled Sound, Power Plug Lite, -10dB
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The Power Plug Lite offers up to -10db attenuation in a rotary switch with -2db increments. The Power Plug Lite will accept all impedances and is rated for up to 50 watt amps. The same cool extruded aluminum case as the original Power Plug (M-ATT-6-12) for those who want a lighter touch and more control. Turn your tube amp UP to drive your power tubes. This is where tube amps blossom and where players get in trouble. Use the attenuator to drop your overall volume to more tolerable levels. You can dial in your breakup, which may be too loud, then attenuate to lower the overall volume. So you can adjust your amp as usual and use the attenuator as an overall Master volume.

Item Height2.5 in.
Item Length6.5 in.
Item Width3.5 in.
Weight1.241 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions8 in. x 4 in. x 3 in.