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XLR Jack - Amphenol, 3-Pole, Male, D Flange
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Item ID: 009493
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Brand → Amphenol
Type → 1/4" Jacks
Type → Jacks & Plugs
XLR Jack - Amphenol, 3-Pole, Male, D Flange image 1XLR Jack - Amphenol, 3-Pole, Male, D Flange image 2

Amphenol AC "Z" series XLR metal chassis mount connector. 3 pole male, D Flange, Stamped contacts, Black Finish. The metal chassis mount "Z" series connectors are designed for the audio user where durability, reliability and strength across a wide range of applications are important. All AC products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and will withstand the harshest environments. Note: A ground tag is standard on all AC "Z" series connectors. Although the ground tag is intended for RFI shielding applications, Amphenol cannot guarantee its effectiveness in all cases. The non-conductive Black polyester finish insulates the ground tag from the shell and should not be used in applications requiring ground contact to the shell. Features:

  • Zinc diecast shell
  • D size housing can be front or rear mounted in the same panel cutout
  • Solder Bucket connections
  • Vertical PCB mounting
  • Leading first mate last break socket contacts
  • Positive latch lock system
Item Length1.27 in.
Item Width1.03 in.
Item Height1.23 in.
Depth1.06 in.
Top Diameter0.93 in.
Bottom Diameter0.69 in.
Mounting Center Distance A1.18 in.
Fastener Hole Diameter0.14 in.
Weight0.07 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions1.388 in. x 1.219 in. x 1.05 in.

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