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Pickup - Kent Armstrong, Texas Vintage, Strat Neck Armstrong
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Type → Pickups
Brand → Kent Armstrong
Type → Guitar Parts → Pickups
Pickup - Kent Armstrong, Texas Vintage, Strat Neck image 1

This Texas Vintage neck position pickup adds the bite to your single coil tone that you have been looking for! Featuring Alnico magnets & overwound coils, these babies satisfy the souls of those who require vintage tone, but want more out of their Pickups.

  • Magnet Type = Alnico 5 pole pieces
  • Resistance = 5.95K Ohms
  • Inductance (henrys) = 3.27
  • Magnet Dimensions = 5mm W X 17mm L
  • Lead Type = 2 conductor
  • All electrical measurements taken at 78 degrees Fahrenheit
Body Width0.712 in.
Item Height0.704 in.
Item Length3.27 in.
Item Width0.97 in.
Mounting Center Distance A2.98 in.
Weight0.268 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions4.787 in. x 2.535 in. x 2.069 in.