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Pickup - Kent Armstrong, Classic Single, Vintage Strat Armstrong
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Type → Pickups
Brand → Kent Armstrong
Pickup - Kent Armstrong, Classic Single, Vintage Strat image 1

This is an ultra sweet sounding, low output-pickup. The vintage single coil specifications offer a tight, balanced low end response and sweet chimey highs. If you are looking for a true vintage tone that ISN'T modified to sound like a 60 year old pickup, this is an excellent upgrade. Great for blues and classic old school funk applications. Staggered Alnico polepieces. Available reverse wound/reverse polarity. White Cover

  • D.C. resistance = 6.5K
  • Magnet Type = Alnico 5
  • Magnet dimensions: 5mm X 17mm polepieces
Body Width0.704 in.
Item Height0.708 in.
Item Length3.26 in.
Item Width0.968 in.
Mounting Center Distance A3 in.
Weight0.275 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions4.787 in. x 2.535 in. x 2.069 in.