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Reverb Module - Accutronics, Digi-Log, Mini, Vertical Mount
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Item ID: 009599
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Brand → Accutronics
Type → Effect Pedal Parts → Effect Modules
Type → Reverb Tanks
Reverb Module - Accutronics, Digi-Log, Mini, Vertical Mount image 1

BTDR-2 DIGI-LOG REVERB MODULE A great digital reverb sound that easily replaces a spring reverberation unit Features:

  • Small package is half the size of the BTDR-1
  • Stereo outputs may be summed for mono operation
  • Simple interface requires only input, output, +5V, and ground
  • AC-coupled input and outputs require no external capacitors

Please see for more info.

All modelsItem Length1.5 in.
All modelsItem Width1.12 in.
Long (2.85 seconds)P-RBTDR-2V-LItem Height0.4 in.
Long (2.85 seconds)P-RBTDR-2V-LPackaging Dimensions1.5 in. x 1.12 in. x 0.4 in.
Long (2.85 seconds)P-RBTDR-2V-LWeight0.04 lbs.
Medium (2.5 seconds)P-RBTDR-2V-MItem Height0.41 in.
Medium (2.5 seconds)P-RBTDR-2V-MPackaging Dimensions1.508 in. x 1.137 in. x 0.417 in.
Medium (2.5 seconds)P-RBTDR-2V-MWeight0.038 lbs.

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