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Plug - Cliff, 1/4", Mono, Right Angle
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Item ID: 009603
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Brand → Cliff
Type → 1/4" Plugs
Type → Jacks & Plugs
Plug - Cliff, 1/4", Mono, Right Angle image 1

Original Cliff UK right angle 1/4" mono plug. High quality with plastic screw on cover having a 0.31" diameter hole for inserting cable and snap-on back plastic cover allowing ease of access to tip solder lug. This Cliff jack plug is designed for use in many applications including audio, computer, military and industrial uses. The tip, ring, sleeve (TRS) connectors are manufactured from solid nickel plated brass with high temperature phenolic / PBT insulators. Features a cable clamp, which is an integral part of the ground screen contact and clamps firmly without damaging the cable.

Body Width0.632 in.
Item Length2.3 in.
Plug Diameter0.25 in.
Item Height1.91 in.
Depth1.21 in.
Body Diameter0.63 in.
Grommet Hole Diameter0.31 in.
Weight0.04 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions2.3 in. x 1.902 in. x 0.638 in.

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