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Tuner - Gotoh, Mini 510 Locking, chrome, 6-in-a-line
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Type → Tuning Machines
Brand → Gotoh → Standard
Tuner - Gotoh, Mini 510 Locking, chrome, 6-in-a-line image 1

SGS is the smaller model of SG510 series. These mini locking tuners feature the GOTOH Magnum Lock. Using string tuning tension for its locking mechanism unlike other regular locking pegs. It doesn't overly press the strings which means there's no fear of string breaking due to excessive lock. The system avoids the out-of-tune caused by the slack of string winding on the string post once the tremolo arm is depressed. These feature an 18:1 gear ratio. Mounting hardware included.

Weight0.47 lbs.
Packaging Dimensions6 in. x 2.1 in. x 1.3 in.

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