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12AX7 - Tung-Sol

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Russian made reissue of the original Tung-Sol. The Ultimate 12AX7. Big, warm, and musical. High Gain, ultra-low microphonics, and superb linearity with a dynamic 3-D sound.

Available with gold pins.

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Product Reviews

4.75 out of 5 based on 20 reviews



as predicted - excellent bass to treble response

Brian Curtis - November 18th, 2018

Tested on commercial tester and one 12ax7 Tung-Sol was weak and one tested good.
Both still worked in amp just one weaker than the other.

Tazz - July 21st, 2018

My go-to 12AX7 new production tube for all of my builds, upgrades and repairs. V1, no problem, and the tone, in my opinion is excellent. A long-lived tube as well. Have seen them in the PI spot in some very exclusive amps, but I prefer the Sovtek 12AX7LPS (or the new Mullard).

prefsnider - January 22nd, 2018

This tube is awesome in my Marshall TSL602 in the V1 position. Does every channel very well. While it doesn't clean up as much on the clean channel as the Mullard reissue I've used in the past it does have a natural crunch to it. I was able to back off the preamp levels on all channels and get great tone, which is not easy on a TSL. JJ's and China tubes sound ok but the Tung-Sol reissues are great, I just hope they last longer than the Mullard reissues. I got less than a year out of the Mullard, hopefully that's just a fluke.

marred - August 26th, 2017

I tried some JJ 12AX7s, but I won't call them my favorites. They're good sounding tubes, but don't sound the best for my amps (Bugera 22 and a Trace Elliot SpeedTwin C50). They sound good in my amps, but the sound is probably best described as warm and round. I think that tube selection is like microphone selection: if you have a harsh source, choose a soft mic and vice versa so as to complement the source. So, for my amps (at least to my sound taste) I need pre-amp tubes with a little more bite. I chose Tung Sols.

Steve Cass - April 7th, 2016

I purchased these for a customer's Vox AC30 and they sound absolutely wonderful.

Joe H. - January 16th, 2016

I have been using these for a few years now and love the sound, as well as the reliability.

C. Steve Bergonzoni - December 6th, 2015

I swapped out the stock Marshall-branded 12ax7s in my Marshall Vintage Modern 2266. Playing around with preamp tubes is like going to a gourmet ice cream shop: lots of different flavors of interesting stuff. I have to say, the stock tubes sounded pretty good compared the the Tung Sols. I did notice that the amp was quieter with the Tung Sols, especially the Hi Dynamic Range setting, which is notoriously hissy in these amps. The Tung Sols were a better upgrade for the stock Marshall tubes in my JCM900 MKIII, but I think they were only a different a different flavor for the Vintage Modern - neither better nor worse. I'd easily buy them again, but I think I may try some of the different brands that are in the same price range, just as a tonal experiment. Rock on!

Neal Hallmark - July 16th, 2015

Needed 4 good solid 12AX7 tubes for a HP restoration. These tubes are priced right and are solid performer. Now these Tungsol Reissue 12AX7s are my go to tubes.

Wilson Electronics - June 13th, 2015

I replaced all of the 12AX7's in my Supersonic with these and the amp sounds great.

Who's Counting - June 2nd, 2015


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