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6550C - Winged C

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Made in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Winged C 6550 is considered by many to be the best 6550 tube that money can buy. Perfect for Guitar Amps, Leslies, and Hi-Fi applications.

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Product Reviews

5.00 out of 5 based on 2 reviews

The pre-SED Svetlana tubes are even better than the Winged C tubes. So in reality all of the good ones don't have the Winged C logo. You just have to not get fooled into buying current production Svetlana tubes because they are made by a different company with different internal designs. The plates are a good indicator of what you are buying. Old Svetlana 6550 and Winged C 6550 have rectangular notches in the plates, while the new production Svetlanas have round holes- dead give away. Just an example that all of the good ones don't have Winged C logo. Old Svetlana tubes are still the best! New ones suck because they aren't made right.

Pete D - November 11th, 2015

Best 6550 type made, but I fear SED is not making them anymore. These were in my Conrad Johnson, until I found a large stash of GE 6550As. These were what I used in Marshall amps that used the big 6550s, and what I used in my Bogen conversion bass amps, & SVTs. There is little to dislike about SED valves. Their quality was the most consistent of the bunch, so New Sensor bought the Svetlana name and I got tonnes of complaints. Svetalana is New Sensor, not SED now, so make sure you have the Winged C logo! Now these are becoming scarce and expensive. New Sensor's hack Svetlanas sound airy and less focused than a real SED valve. - March 27th, 2015

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