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T-6V6GT-MUL6V6GT - Mullard
Multiple Options Available
Mullard 6V6GT tube. Made in Russia.
This valve is built to stand the high voltages encountered in the Fender Deluxe Reverb and other guitar amplifiers that ran the valves above the published specification. The smooth and balanced frequency response also makes it suitable for hi-fi use.
Starting at $24.25
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T-6550WE-SOVT6550WE - Sovtek
Multiple Options Available
The Sovtek 6550WE was designed to be the finest 6550 ever produced. Thicker plates, improved heat dissipation, higher transconductance, and increased linearity are just some of the inherent aspects of the new Sovtek super 6550s. The resulting performance advantages include 5% higher output power, increased reliability, greater headroom, and superior tone. The 6550WE features a metal-ringed base for increased power-handling capabilities.
Starting at $28.95
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T-6550A-STR6550A STR - Ruby Tubes
Multiple Options Available
6550A-STR, Ruby brand, Power Tube
Starting at $58.40
Out of Stock
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T-6V6-MP-PV6V6 - Peavey, Matched Pair

'Super V' 6V6. Ruby Matched Pair from Peavey.

You save: 7%
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T-811A-CHINA811A - Triode, Power Amplifier, China
Multiple Options Available
Chinese 811A
Available in Singles or Matched Pairs - please select from list.
Starting at $21.00
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T-6BM8-EH6BM8 - Electro-Harmonix
Electro-Harmonix 6BM8 triode pentode tube. Made in Russia.
Contains one preamp triode and one power pentode in a 9 pin miniature package.
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T-6SN7-EH6SN7 - Electro-Harmonix
Electro-Harmonix 6SN7 medium-mu twin triode preamp tube. Made in Russia.
New low noise HiFi 6SN7.
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T-6V6GT-GEN6V6GT/CV-511 - Genalex Gold Lion
Multiple Options Available
Genalex Gold Lion 6V6GT / CV511 beam-power tube. Made in Russia.
Starting at $33.95
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T-KT66-GENKT66 - Genalex Gold Lion
Multiple Options Available
Genalex Gold Lion KT66 power tube. Made in Russia.
Exact copy of the original clear glass KT66. The tube that created “The Bluesbreaker Tone.” used in 50’s-60’s hi-fi favorites such as the Heathkit W-5M and many Leak amplifiers.
Starting at $39.95
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T-KT77-GENKT77 - Genalex Gold Lion
Multiple Options Available
Genalex Gold Lion KT77 beam-power tetrode tube. Made in Russia.
A beam tetrode with an absolute maximum anode dissipation rating of 32 watts. The KT77 is designed for use in the output stage of an af amplifier. Two valves in Class AB1 give a continuous output of over 70 W.
Starting at $48.95
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T-KT88-GENKT88 - Genalex Gold Lion
Multiple Options Available
KT88 power tube reissue of Genalex Gold Lion. Made in Russia.
In 1957 Marconi-Osram Valve Co. (Genalex) introduced the "King of Power Tubes", the legendary Gold Lion KT88. This tube became the heart and soul of such classics as the Dynaco Mark III, McIntosh MC275, and Marshall Major. Unfortunately, Genalex ceased tube production in the early 1980s and the Genalex Gold Lion KT88 has become very expensive and hard to find.
After extensive research and engineering, New Sensor Corp. has reissued the famed Genalex Gold Lion KT88.
Starting at $58.95
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