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I have never used Sovtek tubes before, but so far they are working great. Using the 6sl7gt's in the front end of my tube phono preamp I built. I was worried that they might be too micro phonic, but they aren't. I don't think they sound as good as the winged C's I have used for years, but I'll give them time to break in. Overall, I'm happy with them, think the quality could be a little better, but not much choice since Sovtek is the only company making the 6SL7 GT and 6SN7 GT anymore.

Dave Miller - August 8th, 2015

I test all the tubes I receive on a tube tracer and both 6SL7GT/6H9C Sovtek tubes were pretty well matched. Surprisingly these were the exact replacement tubes for my Audio Note Soro. Which are Russian 6H9C's. The replacement tubes I received were identical except are marked with Sovtek logo as well as the original 6H9C designation.

Raceworks - December 15th, 2014

I'm an old tube guy (80 yrs) and was repairing the amp on a old Victor 16mm movie projector. Your parts are perfect. It is working good now. Thanks for the great fast service.

bob marken - October 29th, 2014

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