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T-12AX7B-CHINA12AX7B - China

9 pin miniature preamp tube (Amplification Factor = 100). The Chinese 12AX7B is very similar in tone to its standard Chinese cousin, but the Bs seem to average in at slightly lower gain and noise.

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T-12AX7-CHINA12AX7 - China
9 pin miniature preamp tube (Amplification Factor =100). This ubiquitous Chinese tube is straightforward and bright. Its high gain gives it some bite, too. In overdrive, it brings out the highs and offers easy access to harmonic sustain.
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T-12AT7-CHINA12AT7 - China
Chinese 12AT7 dual triode.
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T-12AU7-CHINA12AU7 - China
9 pin miniature preamp tube (Amplification Factor = 17)
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T-7025-CHINA7025 - China
7025 - 9 pin miniature preamp tube Made in China
Lower hum/noise version of a 12AX7/ECC83
Voltage gain rating:
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T-6SL7-JJ6SL7 - JJ Electronics

The JJ 6SL7 is an octal based preamp tube used in several guitar/ bass amp applications (early Fender, Gibson, Ampeg etc.) as well as Hi-Fi amplification. This new offering carries on the tradition of quality and durability you’ve come to expect from JJ Electronic and makes this classic tube widely available again.

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T-12AX7-JJ-X12AX7/ECC83 - JJ Electronics
Multiple Options Available

This tube has a well balanced, colorful tone with strongly defined lows, mids and smooth highs. It allows for more clean head-room than higher gain 12AX7s. In overdrive, it is smooth and strong with well defined lows and mids. When pushed into overdrive it offers clean distortion with well balanced lows and mids. The JJ 12AX7 is well suited for all types of music and playing styles. It is also highly recommended for studio pre-amps and hi-fi gear. Available with gold pins.

Starting at $10.25
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T-5751-JJ5751 - JJ Electronics

5751 - JJ Preamp tube, Triode, Dual, HI-MU 5751 can be used in most 12AX7 circuits to achieve more headroom. It has a lower gain than the standard 12AX7. Good to rope the gain of a high gain amplifier.

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T-12AT7-JJ-X12AT7/ECC81 - JJ Electronics
Multiple Options Available

9 pin miniature preamp tube (Amplification Factor = 60) R.F. DOUBLE TRIODE Medium gain pre-amplifying double triode. Can be also used as replacement for 12AX7 in many applications. Very smooth and warm sound. Very low microphonic. Good for phase inverters or reverb drivers. Available with gold pins

Starting at $10.50
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T-12AX7S-MG-JJ12AX7S-MG - JJ Electronics, Mid Gain

ECC83 MG is 12AX7 with Mid-gain, which means fuller and richer mids achieved by medium long plate. It provides a milder sound than the regular ECC83. Very low noise and microphonics.

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T-12AX7EH12AX7/ECC83 - Electro-Harmonix

This Russian tube is full bodied and bright with a more straightforward presentation. It packs a lot of bite with its higher-than-normal gain. In overdrive, it offers a lot of crunchy fizz. High gain preamplifier tube with ultra low noise and detailed, musical tone. Unique spiral filament eliminates filament to cathode induced hum common on amplifiers that use AC on the filaments.

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T-12AX7-PS-TAD12AX7 - Tube Amp Doctor, Premium Selected

9 pin miniature preamp tube (Amplification Factor =100). This is the ubiquitous Chinese 12AX7 with premium selection. The gain is high and the German Tube Amp Doctor must be filtering out the noisiest ones. Premium selected by Tube Amp Doctor, this is a quiet Chinese 12AX7 with high gain that will bring a dull sounding amp back to life.

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T-12BH7-A-JJ12BH7-A - JJ Electronics

The JJ Electronic 12BH7-A preamp tube is a great choice for Ampeg SVT amps and the Blackstar HT-5 plus others. A favorite in many hi-fi applications.

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T-ECC803-JJ-XECC803/12AX7 - JJ Electronics, Long Plate
Multiple Options Available

The JJ ECC803 is a long-plate version of the standard 12AX7. The longer plates give the tube higher gain. It has a rich and full tone with creamy distortion that does well in any 12AX7 application. Spiral filament for reduced microphonics. Available with gold pins

Starting at $13.95
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