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This all new TAD 6V6GT-STR combines the exceptionally sweet voiced NOS 6V6GT like the RCA or GE 6V6GTY with up to date demand to withstand the higher operating voltages due to raised AC supply. Surprisingly tight bass which you would not expect except with the very best choice of real NOS 6V6GT treasures. TAD recommends the TAD 6V6GT-STR for all 6V6 applications where a powerful but sweet tone is desired; Works great in Single Ended Class A Amps like the Fender -Tweed- Champ, Vibro-Champ, Fender Champion 600 or the Univalve. Also perfect choice for Reverb Driver in Vibrokings and Dual Professionals. Available in Singles, Matched Pairs or Matched Quads - please select from list. RoHS Compliant

OptionOur Part NumberUPC/EAN
Matched PairT-6V6GT-TAD-MP609722132138
Matched QuadT-6V6GT-TAD-MQ609722132145
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Product Reviews

5.00 out of 5 based on 8 reviews

I finally bought a pair of these for the 61' Brown Tolex Deluxe, having wanted to try them since TAD brought them onto the market. I really like'em. They have the default NOS sounds - like a mini-6L6 at lower volumes and blooming into the so-well known,creamy 6V6 roar in overdrive, like a beehive full of awesome 6V6 overdrive goodness.....Like Groove Tubes, the TAD has tried to bring back a few exceptional tubes from the golden age.This was back- engineered to be a reasonable facsimile of the Brimar 6V6GT/CV511. I think they got pretty close. Of course only time will tell as to durability but they sure seem,and feel like good quality parts. The TAD 6V6 is one of a few current production 6V6 tubes I will use..the other two being the Electroharmonix 6V6GT and the J.J 6V6S. These three stand on their own against NOS, and I have no doubts at all using them right along with even the best Brimars and RCA's in my stash.

blackplates - March 28th, 2017

I got these tubes for a Tone King Falcon - they were the recommended tubes. The first set I got had a bad tube. Antique ELectronic Supply replaced them for me. The second set was perfect. I think they are great. It is hard for me to see how they could be improved. I collected NOS tubes for years, but as the quality has improved with new stock, I am no longer interested in the minor differences between modern tubes and NOS. These are great. When I use em up, I will get more - from Antique Electronic Supply. They are a good source for modern tubes.

Jagdaddy - January 9th, 2017

New production tubes have left me wanting and even my favorite 6V6's drift, ping and rattle too quickly and too often. I was surprised when my Louis Electric Columbia Reverb came loaded with EH with a Sovtek 5AR4. EH has been my least favorite glass. Though they work fine in most positions in the preamp section of this amp, their grind and grit was not my cup of tea in V1 or as output tubes. New sets of Tung Sol (my used-to-be favorite new production) have been so inconsistent and have drifted into oblivion in short order. JJ 6V6's sound quite good but not what I'd call sweet sounding, and have experienced inside the glass rattles in combo amps prior, though not in my last set (from AES), which I've stashed.

Enter TAD STR. I've tried the 6L6 STR (this amp uses either) and was very satisfied but long for the 6V6 qualities. When I learned that TAD released their version, designed to be reminiscent of the old RCA and GE but built to handle modern power supply and high plate voltage, I had to try them. I'm here to say I've never been happier with a new 6V6GT, nor has any new offering come close to its full dynamic range and overall sweetness. Bottoms are surprisingly big and tight, highs are bright, and mids are plump and juicy. It took a couple hours to burn them in, even though the select premiums are thoroughly tested.

I've also reached the same conclusion for their 7025 for V1.

All three TADs mentioned still have to pass the test of time in this amp, but so far I give them a thumbs up, particularly their new 6V6GT. Exception being their 6L6STR and 7025, which have been going strong in my Richter RS-33 for well over a year. I'm hoping their 6V6GT hold up as well.

Also, I've been very happy with Antique Electronic Supply's customer service. I don't mind paying a little sales tax to my own state of AZ. They've been great.

Candid_X - November 17th, 2016

Love these tubes! Always get great tone w TAD tubes!

PZ - April 28th, 2016

Fantastic sounding! Can't go wrong... A great go to tube.

Tone-Guru - April 17th, 2016

This tube really firmed up the low end on my tweed Princeton.Worth every penny.The shipping was fast and the tube was packed well.

William Mowry - November 13th, 2015

Very rich and detailed with plenty of punch. I have compared these to the "Holy Grail" Bendix 5992 (6v6) using both sets in my Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue and, believe it or not, the TAD's hold up very well in comparison. I was very surprised. There is definitely some magic there. I will still use the Bendix, but if you don't have $300 for a pair for the Bendix 5992's, these TAD 6V6's at less than $50 a pair are a steal and the way to go. No question.

RobertD - September 7th, 2015

Sound great !! Very close to the SED Svetlana with more punch.

Frank Torres - October 16th, 2014

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