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EL34 - Winged C

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Made in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Winged C EL34 is considered by many to be the best EL34 tube that money can buy. Perfect for Guitar Amps and Hi-Fi applications.

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Product Reviews

3.00 out of 5 based on 2 reviews

I was previousely using Electro Harmonix tubes on my cheap little class A single ended HIFI amp. These where working without an issue for many years. I decided to try to replace them with these much more expensive "Winged C", mainly because all of those ecstatic internet reviews. They do look nicer than the smaller, thinner EH. I won't comment on the sound quality. For all that matters, after about 8 month of usage, one of the tubes heating filament burned. I went back to EH tubes, at less than a third of the price... I wont buy these again.

Basile - October 31st, 2015

I love these! I hope Winged C/SED will be making more soon. SED makes the best valves on the market, barring EAT, and KR. The Svetlana version sounds like a failed attempt to make an SED valve. The New Sensor Svetlanas lack the clarity, headroom, consistency, tone, quality, and reliability of the SED valves. These are what I used to build Marshall, Hi Watt, Laney, Laney Klipp, Echolette, Musicman, Vox,my own designs and other amps that use EL34s. Before I drop in a real set of XF2,XF3,XF4,KT77, Matsushita, RFT, Tesla (Czechoslovakian Tesla, not JJ), Telefunken, or Philips EL34s. When I was satisfied the amp would not fry "good valves" I would get them running and then take out the SEDs and put in "real NOS valves". Now that New Sensor has essentially torpedoed SED, I am stuck using other new production valves. The SED stuff is/was exceptionally well made. I pray they will be back up and running soon. I hear all sorts of rumors, but I am not sure what to believe. - March 27th, 2015

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