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M-GLW2Effects Pedal - Morley, George Lynch Dragon 2, Wah
This second Wah offering from George Lynch and Morley is a switchless, Electro-Optical Wah with THREE Wah modes: Wah (traditional), Wow (bit of overdrive with unique vowel-like tone) and Wah Lock (allows user to electronically lock the Wah in Wah mode. A NOTCH knob allows you to dial in the appropriate Wah frequency. Decked out in Ninja Red with black details and a unique Graphic Treadle Rubber. Suitable for Guitar, Bass or Keys
  • Switchless and electro-optical (no potentiometers to get scratchy or wear out)
  • Three Wah modes: Wah, Wah Lock, and WOW - great for heavily distorted tones
  • Loudness control for both Wah modes
  • New Wah lock switch to electronically lock Wah into Wah mode.
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