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Amp Kit - MOD® Kits, MOD102+ guitar amp

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The MOD102+ expands on the same all analog vacuum tube classic American circuit design combined with a British style Class A output section as the Original MOD102 with some much added special “+” features. These special features include a three position progressive toggle switch for off-standby-power and additional push-pull functionality for each control - pull out the bass control knob for “mid boost”, pull out the treble control knob for “bright”, pull out the volume control knob for “turbo”. These new features and a JJ ECC803-S (a long plate 12AX7 known for its complex mid range tones) allow for a wider variety of tones and extra control for the user.

MOD 102+ Guitar Amp Kit Features:

  • All-Tube Design (solid-state diodes used only for full-wave rectification)
  • 8W output power into 8 Ω
  • 1 channel
  • Vintage channel controls with push-pull functionality: bass (+mid-boost), treble (+bright) and volume (+turbo)
  • Vintage pilot lamp and screw-on jewel cover for power-on indication
  • Output Impedance: 8 Ω
  • Tubes included: one ECC803 (JJ Electronic brand preamp tube), one EL84 (JJ Electronic brand power tube)
  • Hammond Mfg 269EX power transformer and P-T31 single ended output transformer.
  • Cathode biased class A power tube operation (no bias adjustment needed).
  • Point to point hand wiring using terminal strips
  • Carbon film resistors
  • Metalized polyester coupling caps
  • Pre-punched steel chassis
  • Assembled Kit Weight: 5.55 lbs.
  • Assembled Kit Dimensions: 10" Width x 6" Depth x 5 ⅛" Height
UPC/EAN: 841358104862
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4.00 out of 5 based on 1 reviews
4 out of 5

Nice little kit! Instructions are pretty clear and it's certainly not overly complicated to build. Having some amp repair/building experience helps, but I'd say even a beginner could buy this, build it, and be playing it within a day or so. Once built it sounded pretty good as well. Fun to swap tubes around, substituting the 12AX for a 12AT, AY, or others. The 'effect' changes on the pull switches are pretty subtle, so don't expect anything dramatic there. But, the amp makes a great platform for learning, and even 'expanding' from the original design. I've put an EIA connector in the back of mine so I don't have a cord sticking out. I put some tall 'feet' on it so it would clear a speaker box handle. And, the power transformer is suitable for adding a 6CA4 rectifier, which I plan to do in the future. I'll have to move the filter capacitor section around some to make clearance for the socket, but it's a 6 volt 9-pin rectifier, so will work perfectly in this amp. I might even 'upgrade' the output transformer....or play with some yellow jacket type adapters to try a different output tube. In all, a lot of fun to build, sounds great for what it is, and I'm very glad I made the purchase!! A 'GREAT' value!!!

- June 24th, 2018

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