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P-HC-11Amp Cover - Replacement for Fender® Princeton Reverb

Vintage style using only the finest tolex available.

  • Height: 16"
  • Width: 20.5"
  • Depth: 9"

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P-L_ALLJewel - Fender Style, Set of 8
Package of 8

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    P-H261-SETHandle - Black, Silver Caps
    P-H261 with mounting hardware
    • (1) P-H261
    • (1) S-HS1032-1F
    • (1) S-HTN1032
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    P-H720Panel - for Deluxe Reverb
    Basic front panel for Deluxe Reverb. Material is.032" aluminum.
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    P-H721Panel - for Super Reverb
    Basic front panel for Super Reverb. Material is .032" aluminum.
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    S-H207Fuse Cap - PCB Mounting Universal

    PCB Mount Fuse Cap.

    • 1.31” x 0.42”
    • Takes GMA sized fuse

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    P-L1XXJewel - Fender Style, for lamps / bulbs
    Colors Available:

    Fender® style lamp jewels are used on countless amps from all kinds of manufacturers. Threading: 9/16 - 24. Note: When back-lit, the color of the amp jewels will be affected by the color of the bulb behind it.

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    P-L124-PDial Lamp - Fender Style, Premium Pilot Assembly

    Lamp holder. Relampable front panel indicators accept a variety of T-2 and T-3 ¼ miniature bayonet lamps.

    • 11/16" chassis hole
    • Total Length = 1.755" (solder lugs included in measurement) (extends about 1.68" from front of panel to end of solder lugs)
    • Rating: 125V, 75W
    • Threading: 9/16 - 24

    Available Jewels Amber P-L117 Blue P-L120 Clear P-L122 Green P-L116 Purple P-L121 Red P-L115 Violet P-L121V White P-L123

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    S-H201Fuse Holder - for Fender®, 3AG-Type

    High quality Fender® Style fuse holder replacement for guitar amplifiers.

    • Fits ½" chassis hole diameter
    • Mounted by Nut

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