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P-H1300Strain Relief - for 35/64" x ⅝" Hole, 11/32" Cord Diameter
For 35/64" x 5/8" chassis hole, 11/32" cord diameter. Fits most Fender® amps.
  • Protects the lifeline of your electric/ electronic products by absorbing the forces of pull, push, and twist that may be exerted on the flexible power cord.
  • Securely anchors, insulates, and protects cables at panel entry points
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S-M600-XLogo - Marshall, white script, replacement for amplifiers

Original white Marshall™ logo for use on Marshall amplifiers.

Starting at $16.16
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A maximum order of 3 is allowed.
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P-H9800Foot - Synthetic Rubber, 0.51" Height x 1.60" Diameter
Package of 4

Set of four, black, synthetic rubber feet. Molded from one piece with a textured no-slip surface.

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S-HWXWasher - Type A Narrow, Flat, steel
Package of 5

Steel, type A narrow. SAE washers have a tighter fit on the bolt and a smaller outside diameter. Designed for general purpose mechanical and structural use.

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S-W132Cord - Power, 18 AWG, 3 Conductor, Black, No IEC, 8 Feet

8 feet, bare end type SJT (replaces most US made amps)

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P-HW01XCaster - Swivel, 2" wheel, Fender Replacement

Heavy duty swivel caster for use on Fender and other amps. Each 2" diameter wheel supports 45.359Kg / 100Lb.

Starting at $1.75
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S-HS1032-XScrew - 10-32, Phillips, Pan Head, Machine, Zinc, fine thread
Package of 5

Phillips panhead machine screw, 10-32, zinc. Phillips panhead machine screw, 4-40, zinc. Designed to go through a hole or nut that is pre-tapped to form a mating thread for the screw. Has a general purpose bearing area and can be substituted in most applications for round, truss, or binding heads. Phillips drive is the most common drive used and is designed to "camout" when the screw reaches optimum tightness, thus preventing damage to the screw head.

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P-L300XLED - 3mm diameter, diffused lens, 3.6 mCd
Package of 5
Colors Available:

Lens Diameter: 3 mm Overall Height: 5.4 mm Lens Type: Diffused Multiple color options available.

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P-49Dial Lamp - #49, T-3-¼, 2.0V, .06A, Bayonet Base
Package of 10

Long life general replacement lamps for dials, indicators, etc. Sold in packages of 10.

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P-L110Dial Lamp - Front Panel Indicator Light, Relampable

Lamp holder. Relampable front panel indicators accept a variety of T-2 and T-3 ¼ miniature bayonet lamps.

  • 11/16" chassis hole
  • Total Length = 1.755" (solder lugs included in measurement) (extends about 1.68" from front of panel to end of solder lugs)
  • Rating: 125V, 75W
  • Threading: 9/16 - 24

Available Jewels Amber P-L117 Blue P-L120 Clear P-L122 Green P-L116 Purple P-L121 Red P-L115 Violet P-L121V White P-L123

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(23 pages)
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