Amplifier Parts

Receptacle - AC with Fuse Holder, mates with S-W123 & S-W124
I.E.C. Power Cord Receptacle. Mates with power cords S-W123 and S-W124. Rated for 6A, 250V. UL listed. Compatible with GMA fuses
Finishing Washer - #6, 18-8 Stainless Steel, Countersunk
#6 steel finishing washers. Designed for accommodating the heads of countersunk screws. It provides additional bearing area on the material being fastened and can be used to give a neat, finished appearance. Made of 18-8 stainless steel.
package of 10
Fuse - Fast-Blow, Miniature, GMA-type 5mm x 20mm
Protect your expensive investment or hobby with inexpensive fuses. • GMA Type • Measures .78"(20mm) in length, 0.19"(5mm) in diameter • Fast-Blow • Package of 5
Starting at $3.25
package of 5
Handle - Fender Style, Black strap, Black Metal Caps
Replacement handle for Fender® and other amps (8.27" from mounting center to mounting center). The rubber handle is steel reinforced with steel angular end caps. Mounting hardware sold separately.
Handle - Case, Fender style, 4.5" center to center
Colors Available:
For Fender and other cases. 4 1/2" center to center.
Starting at $4.85
Washer - Flat, M6, Stainless Steel, Oversized
Stainless steel M6 flat washers that are nearly identical to the chassis mounting washers used on many Marshall amps. These oversized M6 washers pair with 30mm M6 screws S-HSM6-1X30-SS to attach the amplifier chassis to the head cabinet. Fits any Marshall head that uses M6 screws. Also fits #12 imperial screws.
package of 5
Corner - Black Steel, 3-Hole, 18 Gauge
3-leg black, standard. 18 gauge steel, ½" radius. Sold individually.
Screw - #6 x ¾", Flat Head, Stainless Steel
Stainless steel flat head Phillips self-tapping screws. #6 x 3/4" length. Good for use with P-H266 & P-H267 & P-H1087N.
package of 8
Screw - #3 x ⅜”, Phillips, Oval Head, Wood, Nickel-plated
#3 x ⅜” Phillips drive wood screws made of nickel plated steel. This style of oval head screw is commonly used on Gibson® pickguards, truss rod covers, and some humbucker rings.
package of 5
Corner - Black Plastic, 4-Hole, Replacement for Vox / Orange
These Tube Amp Doctor black plastic corners are great replacements for certain Vox® amps from 1966 to 2004 and Orange® amps and cabinets that feature this type. The two larger holes are for use with screws while the small holes are intended for pins/nails just like the originals.
Foot - Rubber, 1.5" x .75", with Metal Washer
1 ½" diameter x ¾" high with metal washer. Sold individually.
Corners - Fender, for amplifier, Nickel, 2-Hole with hardware
Pure Vintage 2-screw mount amplifier, package of 4, screws included.
  • Set of four nickel-plated replacement amplifier corners for effective amplifier protection
  • Includes eight mounting screws
  • Introduced on Blonde, Brown, and Blackface™-era amplifiers
  • Used on Cyber-Champ, Stage™ 100/160/112 SE, Ultimate™ Chorus, Princeton® 65 DSP/650, GE-112 Enclosure, Tone Master® enclosure, Vibro-King® 212 enclosure, '94 Twin, Acoustasonic™ Jr. DSP, Deluxe™ 90 DSP/900, Cyber-Twin®/Cyber-Twin SE, Concert, '65 Super Reverb®, Bullet® 15 DSP, Acoustasonic SFX II, Stage 1000/1600, '65 Twin Custom® 15, Steel King™, Princeton® Recording Amp and Super-Sonic™ series amplifiers
package of 4
Screw - #8 x ¾”, Phillips, Flat Head, Sheet Metal, Stainless Steel
18-8 stainless steel sheet metal screws. These flat head #8 screws have a length of ¾” and are commonly used to secure cable clamps directly to the cabinet for RCA reverb tank cables used in vintage Fender® blackface and silverface combo amps. For the larger #10 screws often used with power cables, see S-HFS10-34.
package of 5
Handle - Fender®, molded Dogbone style
Colors Available:
Original Fender® handle, brown molded dogbone style. 6" center to center. Includes mounting hardware. Fender part number: 099-0946-000
Corner - Black Plastic, 4-Hole, Heavy Duty, Chevron
Heavy duty plastic, stacking chevron corner. Ideal for carpet covered cabinets. See S-H102 for mounting hardware.
Starting at $1.15
Screw - #3 x ¼”, Phillips, Round Head, Wood, Nickel-plated
#3 x ¼” Phillips drive wood screws made of nickel plated steel. This style of round head screw is commonly used on Gibson® truss rod covers.
package of 5
Screw - #8-32 x 1-1/16” Rosette Head, Machine, Brass-plated
#8-32 x 1 1/16” machine screws made of brass plated steel. This style of rosette head screw is similar to the baffle mount screws found on many early Fender® tweed amplifiers. For a 6-32 rosette head screw, see S-HRS6-114.
package of 4
Screw - #8, Phillips, Pan Head, Self-Tapping, Zinc
Self tapping Phillips panhead machine screw #8, zinc type AB. Type AB screws tap their own mating internal thread. They require a preformed hole for installation into metallic materials but not necessary for wood or plastic materials. Combines locating point of Type A with thread size and pitch of Type B. Normal limitations of Type B apply. Has a general purpose bearing area and can be substituted in most applications for round, truss, or binding heads. Provides good control in driving and is the most recommended drive.
Starting at $0.72
package of 5
Caster - Marshall, 2", with socket, for cabinets
Original Marshall caster and socket with a black wheel having 50mm diameter x 20mm width. Used on 1960A, 1960B and other cabinets. Package of one includes four mounting screws. Caster screws into black plastic socket base.
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Foot - Rubber, ⅝" x ½", Steel Washer Insert
5/8" diameter x ½" tall rubber foot with metal insert and 0.15" mounting hole diameter for #6 screws. (Package of 4)
package of 4
Turret Board - Black, 2mm, Loaded with 33 Turrets, 230mm x 70mm
230 x 70 mm, loaded with 33 turrets,2 mm board thickness. This is designed for a 5E3 board.
Turret Strip - 60 Lugs, Two Rows, U-style
Two rows of 30 U-style terminals (60 total) on a black board. The U-style terminal strips are spaced 8.3mm apart allowing for more densely populated point-to-point builds. The boards are 0.063” thick.
Screws - Fender, 10-32x1.5", Phillips Head, Vintage Amp
Made for Fender® and used on a variety of vintage and contemporary models. Package contains twelve Phillips head (10-32 X 1-½") nickel machine screws used for mounting an amplifier chassis. Used on '57 Twin®, Blues Deluxe™/DeVille™, Pro Junior™, Hot Rod Deluxe™/DeVille™, Blues Junior™, '59 Bassman®, '63 Fender® Tube Reverb, Bronco™, Bass Breaker™, '57 Deluxe™, Bassman® TV Series, EC Twinolux™/Tremolux™, '57 Champ®, EC Vibro-Champ™, and '57 Bandmaster™ amplifiers manufactured from 1994-Present.
package of 12
Nut - Fender, Hex Type, for Potentiometers
Hex nut for Fender® potentiometers. Package of 12.
package of 12