Amplifier Parts

Turret Board - Blank, 189 Holes, 10 ⅛” x 2 ⅝”, Phenolic
Vintage style phenolic turret boards with a 3mm thickness. The phenolic material matches the appearance and construction of those used in classic amplifiers from Marshall and others. These boards are made of the highest grade phenolic material and are rated for high voltage applications. They have a high mechanical strength in addition to their high dielectric strength making them the perfect candidate for turret board based tube amplifiers.
This 189 hole version has 7 rows and 27 columns. This size can be found in vintage Marshall amps such as the 1973 and 1974 18W amps, 20W amps such as the 2022T JMP Tremolo 20, 2061 Lead-Bass, PA20, and the 10W 1930 Popular.
Complete the vintage turret board look with S-HTUR-PR-BI-3S turrets.
Turret Board - Black, 2mm, Loaded with 33 Turrets, 230mm x 70mm
230 x 70 mm, loaded with 33 turrets,2 mm board thickness. This is designed for a 5E3 board.
Washer - Flat, M6, Stainless Steel, Oversized
Stainless steel M6 flat washers that are nearly identical to the chassis mounting washers used on many Marshall amps. These oversized M6 washers pair with 30mm M6 screws S-HSM6-1X30-SS to attach the amplifier chassis to the head cabinet. Fits any Marshall head that uses M6 screws. Also fits #12 imperial screws.
package of 5
Tilt Back Leg Kit - Fender, for tilting amps
If your ears were attached to your knees, your amp would sound better, but since they usually are located on the sides of your head, Fender® has Tilt-back Legs! Secured to the sides of your amp cabinet, these legs allow you to tilt you amp back so you can hear what you're doing!
  • BF Bandmaster, BF Twin Reverb, SF Bantam Bass, SF Pro Reverb, SF Vibrosonic Reverb, Blonde Bandmaster, BlondeTwin
  • Comes with mounting hardware
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Screw - #8 x ¾”, Phillips, Flat Head, Sheet Metal, Stainless Steel
18-8 stainless steel sheet metal screws. These flat head #8 screws have a length of ¾” and are commonly used to secure cable clamps directly to the cabinet for RCA reverb tank cables used in vintage Fender® blackface and silverface combo amps. For the larger #10 screws often used with power cables, see S-HFS10-34.
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Logo - Marshall, Gold Script on white plastic, 6"
Original Marshall™ mini logo.
  • Fits 1959HW, Bluesbreaker model 1962 and others.
  • Gold lettering on white plastic
  • 6” (40 x 150 mm)

Not for resale. For repair or replacement only.
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Capacitor Cover - Fender®, for Twin Reverb
Capacitor cover for Fender® Twin Reverb. Mounting centers are 7 1/8" x 3.5". Measurements are 7 1/8" x 3 ½" x 1 ¼".
Screw - #6 x ¾", Flat Head, Stainless Steel
Stainless steel flat head Phillips self-tapping screws. #6 x 3/4" length. Good for use with P-H266 & P-H267 & P-H1087N.
package of 8
Turrets - Bifurcated, Screw Mount
Bifurcated turrets with a screw mount that works on boards with thicknesses of 1.5mm to 4mm. Made of gold plated brass. These are sometimes referred to as split or forked turrets. Includes a mounting washer, lock washer, and mounting nut. The staking tool is not required for these turrets.
package of 10
Turret Board - Black, 3mm, Loaded with 52 Turrets, 258mm x 76mm
258 x 76 mm, loaded with 52 turrets, 3 mm board thickness. This is designed for a for a JTM45 board. Our turrets, part number S-HTUR-BX will fit on this board.
Turret Board - Blank, 2 mm, 180 Holes, 300mm x 60mm
Blank board 300mm x 60mm, 2mm thick Glass epoxy unclad laminate.
  • Accepts 2mm turrets.
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Finishing Washer - #4, Countersunk
#4 finishing washers. Designed for accommodating the heads of countersunk screws. It provides additional bearing area on the material being fastened and can be used to give a neat, finished appearance.
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package of 10
Finishing Washer - Nickel-plated Brass, Countersunk, Flanged, Fender Style
Flanged finishing washers made of nickel plated brass. Designed for accommodating the heads of countersunk screws. These washers provide additional bearing area on the material being fastened and can be used to give a neat, finished appearance. This design closely resembles the flanged finishing washers found on later blackface and silverface Fender® amplifier cabinets. The #6 size is used for back panels on combo amps and heads. The #8 is used for extension cabinet back panels. For the earlier flush style finishing washers used on these amps, see S-HXFW-1N.
Starting at $5.35
package of 10
Anti-Skid Tray - Marshall, for 1960A and Other Cabinets
Original Marshall black plastic skid. Inscribed with "Marshall" logo. Used on 1960A and other cabinets. Package of one includes 6 gold rivets.
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Screw - #6 x ¾", Pan Head, Stainless Steel
Stainless steel pan head Phillips self-tapping screws. #6 X ¾" length. Good for use with #'s 3,4 and 5.
package of 12
Foot - Rubber, 1.5" x .75", with Metal Washer
1 ½" diameter x ¾" high with metal washer. Sold individually.
Handle - Marshall, Black Plastic, Recessed for Cabinet
Recessed plastic side handle for cabinets. Outer Dimensions: 6.19" x 10.63". Molded with a 1.75" Marshall logo.
Label - High Voltage Warning, Large, Sticker
High voltage warning label for amplifiers and other equipment. These stickers are a great option for labeling equipment and builds as high voltage whenever necessary. The sticker is a single piece that must be cut to size using scissors or a paper cutter to make a total of four labels. This style of label is perfect for rear panels on amplifiers and other equipment.
package of 4
Foot - Rubber, 1.5" diameter x 1.9" tall, with metal washer
1 ½" diameter x 1 3/16" high with metal washer. Sold individually.
Tagboard - 40 Turret Pins, High Quality
200mm x 45mm turret board with two rows of of 20 turrets. These turrets are seamless contact pin style turrets. Each turret features an additional solderpad for adding additional components or wiring. This board has four mounting holes.
Faceplate Mount - Marshall, Cabinet Logo Frame
Original Marshall™ cabinet logo frame. This mounts to original Marshall™ cabinets using two screws. The adhesive backed badge is then adhered to this frame.
  • Fits 1960 cabinets
  • Black plastic
  • For 29 x 85mm logos
  • Screw mount

Note: Faceplates sold separately.
Faceplates sold separately.
Handle - Black plastic strap, Black Caps, adjustable 8" - 8.75"
Black plastic handle with black end caps. Mounting centers adjustable from 8" to 8.75". 9 5/8" handle length without end caps. Screws not included.
Screw - #4 x ½”, Phillips, Oval Head, Sheet Metal, Nickel-plated
#4 x ½” Phillips drive sheet metal screws made of nickel plated steel. This style of oval head screw is commonly used on Fender® pickguards, tremolo covers, and some bridge covers.
package of 5
Screw - #3 x ¼”, Phillips, Round Head, Wood, Nickel-plated
#3 x ¼” Phillips drive wood screws made of nickel plated steel. This style of round head screw is commonly used on Gibson® truss rod covers.
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