Attenuator - Recycled Sound, Power Plug 6 / 12, -6dB or -12dB

Attenuator - Recycled Sound, Power Plug 6 / 12, -6dB or -12dB

Attenuator - Recycled Sound, Power Plug 6 / 12, -6dB or -12dB image 1
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The Power Plug 6 / 12 attenuator is a "must have" device for anyone that plays a tube amp. If you want to work your power tubes without ear-splitting volume, you need an attenuator. The Power Plug is the BEST attenuator made for amps 50 watts and less. Simple 2 switch operation for -6db or -12db attenuation. Get your best tone!

Why 6/12? Engage 1 switch and remove -6db of power. Engage the 2nd switch and you're -12db. That's a volume reduction of 60%. The Recycled Sound attenuator is a passive, resistive load with compensated impedance and EQ, which maintains the designated impedance, EQ'd such that no degradation in tone is noted, even at full -12db attenuation. Use it as a Master Volume, use it to save your hearing at practice, find your tube tone without getting thrown out of the club, use it to prevent blowing up your vintage or low power speakers.

Use TWO in series and achieve -24db attenuation - bedroom level! Example - Your 50 watt amp - engage one switch - it's now a 12 watt amp! Engage the second switch and it's now 3 watts! With TWO Power Plugs - engage the 3rd switch = ¾" watt - 4th switch = less than ¼" watt.

Item ID:
Recycled Sound
Product Measurements by Type
Body Depth2.0 in.
Item Height2.88 in.
Item Length6.63 in.
Item Width3.5 in.
Power Reduction-6dB or -12dB
Wattage, maximum50 W
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions8 in. × 4.1 in. × 3.3 in.
Weight (Packaging)1.29 lbs.

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Asked by Anonymous on August 12th, 2016.
Matt H.
August 16th, 2016
Staff Member
We currently only have this in 8ohms.
Asked by Anonymous on August 15th, 2016.
Matt H.
August 15th, 2016
Staff Member
No, this will only work on amps up to 50 watts.

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