Cap Set - for Fender Super Reverb AB763 (Black face)

Cap Set - for Fender Super Reverb AB763 (Black face)

Pictured: Basic
Pictured: Basic
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Pictured: Mod
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Pictured: BasicPictured: ModCap Set - for Fender Super Reverb AB763 (Black face) image 3
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Replacement electrolytic capacitor set.

Basic set includes:

Mod set includes:

Premium set includes:

Warning: some electrolytic capacitors can store charge even after the amp has been turned off and unplugged for some time. Always make sure your original electrolytic capacitors do not have a voltage present before touching them.

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RoHS Compliant
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Packaging Dimensions3 in. × 3.3 in. × 3 in.
Weight (Packaging)Basic versionSET-CAP-FENDER-007-B0.206 lbs.
Mod versionSET-CAP-FENDER-007-M0.115 lbs.
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Asked by Anonymous on January 17th, 2016.
January 18th, 2016
Staff Member
Top Contributor
There should be no problem going higher on the values but you never want to go lower. In this case you should be good to go.
January 8th, 2018
NO! NOT AT ALL There is an old adage with the old TV and radio repairmen. More capacitance or a higher voltage rating are always okay. Don't put a 220uF or 470uF or a 1000uF cap in place of a 70uF, but 80uF or 100uF or even 150uF are just fine. The tolerances on the old filter caps were usually +50% or even +100% and -5% to -20%, so less capacitance is bad, and the designers were not concerned with having more, only less. If the old one was rated for 450 volts, a 600 volt rating will also be just fine. If you read the tolerance of most filter caps, they will say -20% / +50% so a 70 uF cap could be anywhere between 56 uf and 105 uF and it is still within factory specs. We try to keep the -% lower than the +%. For this filter cap application, we are merely shunting the 60 and or 120 Hz and any harmonics thereof to ground, and out of the DC plate supplies for the amp. So the cap filters the DC out, and allows all the AC ripple to pass through to ground, where it is shorted back to ground. If we were trying to offset the AC to make a motor run smoother, then the tolerance would be closer to 4%, because the cap has become a precision timing device. That's a whole different ballgame, and one best left for fixing your air conditioner. For simple filtering the more capacitance, higher voltage has always been an accepted rule of thumb, within reason. Too much capacitance and the rectifier tube can suffer a shorter lifespan, but you can go pretty high and still get away with it!! Some old P style caps had a tolerance of +100%/-20%. This means your 70 uF could be 140 uF and still be in spec. They designers were much more concerned about the capacitance being too low, rather than too high. Any difference you will hear between 70 and 80uF is because the old caps were worn out. There is nothing to worry about!
Asked by Anonymous on June 29th, 2017.
Matt H.
June 29th, 2017
Staff Member
This is a cap set for the blackface Super Reverb.
Asked by Anonymous on January 24th, 2018.
Matt H.
January 24th, 2018
Staff Member
The premium caps set comes will all Sprague Atom caps.

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