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Capacitor - 630V, Metal Film, Tubular

Capacitor - 630V, Metal Film, Tubular image 1
Customer image:<br/>"Tube guitar amp rebuild"
Customer image:<br/>"0.47 uF Screen Bypass Capacitor for 807 Modulators"
Customer image:<br/>"Capacitors Used In A Leslie Amplifier"
Customer image:<br/>""
Customer image:<br/>"Preamp (and some of the PI driver) board of the amp I build."
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Capacitor - 630V, Metal Film, Tubular image 1
Customer Images:
Customer image: "Tube guitar amp rebuild"Customer image: "0.47 uF Screen Bypass Capacitor for 807 Modulators"Customer image: "Capacitors Used In A Leslie Amplifier"Customer image: ""Customer image: "Preamp (and some of the PI driver) board of the amp I build."
SKU: C-T-630V
Item ID: 004959
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± 10% tolerance. Non-inductive self healing windings. Polyester film axial lead capacitor. 630 Volts.

Capacitance SKU Original Part Number
.001 µF C-TD001-630 102K630V
.0022 µF C-TD0022-630 222K630V
.0047 µF C-TD0047-630 472K630V
.0068 µF C-TD0068-630 682K630V
.01 µF C-TD01-630 103K630V
.015 µF C-TD015-630 153K630V
.022 µF C-TD022-630 223K630V
.033 µF C-TD033-630 333K630V
.047 µF C-TD047-630 473K630V
.068 µF C-TD068-630 683K630V
.1 µF C-TD1-630 104K630V
.15 µF C-TD15-630 154K630V
.22 µF C-TD22-630 224K630V
.33 µF C-TD33-630 334K630V
.47 µF C-TD47-630 474K630V
.68 µF C-TD68-630 684K630V
1 µF C-T1-630 105K630V
1.5 µF C-T1D5-630 155K630V
Part Numbers
Capacitance - µFOur Part NumberUPC/EAN
.001 µFC-TD001-630
.0022 µFC-TD0022-630841358103964
.0033 µFC-TD0033-630
.0047 µFC-TD0047-630
.0068 µFC-TD0068-630
.01 µFC-TD01-630841358103995
.015 µFC-TD015-630841358103889
.022 µFC-TD022-630841358104077
.033 µFC-TD033-630
.047 µFC-TD047-630
.1 µFC-TD1-630
.068 µFC-TD068-630
.22 µFC-TD22-630
.33 µFC-TD33-630
.15 µFC-TD15-630
.47 µFC-TD47-630
.68 µFC-TD68-630609722163910
1 µFC-T1-630609722163880
1.5 µFC-T1D5-630609722163897

RoHS Compliant

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Product Reviews

4.98 out of 5 based on 44 reviews


5 out of 5

Ok product. Hard to tell which lead is outer layer for directional installation.

- September 10th, 2020
5 out of 5

This is an excellent product it works very well.
thank you

- August 29th, 2020
5 out of 5

Tested perfect on my old Heath cap checker and worked perfectly in the 1945 Air King radio I am restoring. Thanks for great product at very good price.

- August 7th, 2020
5 out of 5

I use these capacitors to replace paper capacitors in vintage radios. Usually about half the size of the replaced capacitor which makes circuitry less cluttered.

- July 8th, 2020
5 out of 5

I use a lot of these rebuilding old radios and other electronic gear and they're excellent.

- June 22nd, 2020
5 out of 5

Good product at a reasonable price

- June 4th, 2020
5 out of 5

Always great parts, great service and great prices.

- May 3rd, 2020
5 out of 5

Excellent supplier.

- May 3rd, 2020
5 out of 5

I used these caps to recap my vintage shrwave receiver because of
the excellent quality. I have used these in other projects and have gotten
dependable results. Thanks.

- April 26th, 2020
5 out of 5

I’ve used these a lot recently as a cheaper alternative to Mallory 150’s. I can’t tell a difference. Maybe they are more prone to problems over time, but so far so good.

- March 17th, 2020


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