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Capacitor - 630V, Metal Film, Tubular

Capacitor - 630V, Metal Film, Tubular image 1
Customer image:<br/>"Tube guitar amp rebuild"
Customer image:<br/>"0.47 uF Screen Bypass Capacitor for 807 Modulators"
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Capacitor - 630V, Metal Film, Tubular image 1
Customer Images:
Customer image: "Tube guitar amp rebuild"Customer image: "0.47 uF Screen Bypass Capacitor for 807 Modulators"
SKU: C-T-630V
Item ID: 004959
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± 10% tolerance. Non-inductive self healing windings. Axial Lead capacitor. 630 Volts.

Capacitance SKU Original Part Number
.001 µF C-TD001-630 102K630V
.0022 µF C-TD0022-630 222K630V
.0047 µF C-TD0047-630 472K630V
.0068 µF C-TD0068-630 682K630V
.01 µF C-TD01-630 103K630V
.015 µF C-TD015-630 153K630V
.022 µF C-TD022-630 223K630V
.033 µF C-TD033-630 333K630V
.047 µF C-TD047-630 473K630V
.068 µF C-TD068-630 683K630V
.1 µF C-TD1-630 104K630V
.15 µF C-TD15-630 154K630V
.22 µF C-TD22-630 224K630V
.33 µF C-TD33-630 334K630V
.47 µF C-TD47-630 474K630V
.68 µF C-TD68-630 684K630V
1 µF C-T1-630 105K630V
1.5 µF C-T1D5-630 155K630V
OptionOur Part NumberUPC/EAN
.001 µFC-TD001-630
.0022 µFC-TD0022-630841358103964
.0033 µFC-TD0033-630
.0047 µFC-TD0047-630
.0068 µFC-TD0068-630
.01 µFC-TD01-630841358103995
.015 µFC-TD015-630841358103889
.022 µFC-TD022-630841358104077
.033 µFC-TD033-630
.047 µFC-TD047-630
.068 µFC-TD068-630
.1 µFC-TD1-630
.15 µFC-TD15-630
.22 µFC-TD22-630
.33 µFC-TD33-630
.47 µFC-TD47-630
.68 µFC-TD68-630609722163910
1 µFC-T1-630609722163880
1.5 µFC-T1D5-630609722163897

RoHS Compliant

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Product Reviews

5.00 out of 5 based on 26 reviews



Perfect replacement capacitors. Long leads provide excellent flexibility for all applications

Mark DiBuono - March 22nd, 2015

A simple capacitor of course, I have installed dozens in my radio collection and no failures. The leads are sufficiently long and rigid. They seem well made.

Gugi - February 20th, 2015

I have been buying capacitors of many kinds from you. They all have worked very well.

Frank Temple - February 17th, 2015

Great service , came fast, sounds great. Thanks

Chris Gorecki - February 14th, 2015

I use this brand all the time for total rebuilds , I like the voltage rating , it's a good value. If your on of those hi-fi guys that wants to know what it sounds like , I can't help with that , I don't have dog ears.

Dave Fauver - February 4th, 2015

excellent product, never any failures so far.

Jay Ciampi - January 24th, 2015

Great parts, service and price!!

Ralph Henderson - December 16th, 2014

All the parts were gate.I wish you could stock cloth coverd speaker wire for antique battery sets.


Anonymous - November 11th, 2014

I replaced a capacitor that was larger in size for the same value of capacitance with this capacitor. The size of this capacitor made it easier to install. I have not powered up the device yet, but I gave it a good rating because of the dimensional size. It was easy to install.

Gabriel Puaa - November 10th, 2014

Love these caps. Easy to install in tight places. And they are so much smaller than the 60 to 80 year old originals in the radios I repair. I have NEVER had one short out in 20+ years I have been using them.

Only drawback is the ends can come off easily if woo much heat is applied when soldering.

jay forbes - October 24th, 2014


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