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Capacitor - 630V, Metal Film, Tubular

Capacitor - 630V, Metal Film, Tubular image 1
Customer image:<br/>"Tube guitar amp rebuild"
Customer image:<br/>"0.47 uF Screen Bypass Capacitor for 807 Modulators"
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Capacitor - 630V, Metal Film, Tubular image 1
Customer Images:
Customer image: "Tube guitar amp rebuild"Customer image: "0.47 uF Screen Bypass Capacitor for 807 Modulators"
SKU: C-T-630V
Item ID: 004959
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± 10% tolerance. Non-inductive self healing windings. Axial Lead capacitor. 630 Volts.

Capacitance SKU Original Part Number
.001 µF C-TD001-630 102K630V
.0022 µF C-TD0022-630 222K630V
.0047 µF C-TD0047-630 472K630V
.0068 µF C-TD0068-630 682K630V
.01 µF C-TD01-630 103K630V
.015 µF C-TD015-630 153K630V
.022 µF C-TD022-630 223K630V
.033 µF C-TD033-630 333K630V
.047 µF C-TD047-630 473K630V
.068 µF C-TD068-630 683K630V
.1 µF C-TD1-630 104K630V
.15 µF C-TD15-630 154K630V
.22 µF C-TD22-630 224K630V
.33 µF C-TD33-630 334K630V
.47 µF C-TD47-630 474K630V
.68 µF C-TD68-630 684K630V
1 µF C-T1-630 105K630V
1.5 µF C-T1D5-630 155K630V
OptionOur Part NumberUPC/EAN
.001 µFC-TD001-630
.0022 µFC-TD0022-630841358103964
.0033 µFC-TD0033-630
.0047 µFC-TD0047-630
.0068 µFC-TD0068-630
.01 µFC-TD01-630841358103995
.015 µFC-TD015-630841358103889
.022 µFC-TD022-630841358104077
.033 µFC-TD033-630
.047 µFC-TD047-630
.068 µFC-TD068-630
.1 µFC-TD1-630
.15 µFC-TD15-630
.22 µFC-TD22-630
.33 µFC-TD33-630
.47 µFC-TD47-630
.68 µFC-TD68-630609722163910
1 µFC-T1-630609722163880
1.5 µFC-T1D5-630609722163897

RoHS Compliant

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I am Repairing and Renovating at 1951 RCA Model 2US7 Radio/Phonograph. I used your Metal Film Tubular Caps for the Audio Coupling. I used .047 ufd. which is pretty large size, but I Love lots of Bass. These caps are small for their capacity, making installation really simple. I checked the caps for leakage and there was none detectable. They also measured very close to .o47 ufd. So Proud of the new caps and can't say enough. My Radio is playing Great, and I am enjoying the Bass that Country Music has. Thank You for Your Product.

Melvin L Turner - August 29th, 2014


norm weber - August 17th, 2014

Have to have item for restoring old tube radios.

T. Jones - August 2nd, 2014

I use these in builds with a tight budget. Comparable with Mallory 150's. Good bang for your buck.

Satyrnine - July 28th, 2014

I used quite a few of these and other values, appears to be well made and no issues found, the axial leads are thick and the values are easily seen on the capacitor. Not sure what the tolerance is but 650 volts allows a safety net in case of a surge.

Gugi - July 17th, 2014


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