Capacitor - CE Mfg., 450V, 20/10/10/10 µF

Capacitor - CE Mfg., 450V, 20/10/10/10 µF

CE Manufacturing
Capacitor - CE Mfg., 450V, 20/10/10/10 µF  image 1
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CE Manufacturing USA Made Multi Section Can Capacitor. Reproduced to exact Mallory specs using original Mallory machinery.

  • 20/10/10/10uF 450VDC. Used In Dynaco PAM-1 Preamplifiers. This is not a standard design of FP Cap, as the 20 Mfd is B(lank). Standard rolling would be D(iamond) as the high cap section.*
  • FP / Twist lock style, Solder tabs.
  • -10%, +50% Tolerance
  • 85°C temperature rating.
  • 1 ⅜"D X 2 ½"H.

*C-EC20-10-10-10 does contain all four values. This note is indicating that the four tabs for each capacitor section are not marked according to the standard method. The three 10 uF section are marked by D, square and triangle. The one 20 uF section is not marked with a symbol (i.e. blank).

Item ID:
CE Manufacturing
Termination Style:
Voltage Rating:
RoHS Compliant
Product Measurements by Type
Bottom Diameter1.46 in.
Diameter1.375 in.
Item Height2.1 in.
Rated Voltage450 V
Section 1 Capacitance10 μF
Section 2 Capacitance10 μF
Section 3 Capacitance10 μF
Section 4 Capacitance20 μF
Tab Typesolder tabs
Temperature Rating85°C
Tolerance-10%, +50%
Packaging Information
Packaging Dimensions1.5 in. × 1.5 in. × 2.5 in.
Weight (Packaging)0.132 lbs.

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Questions and Answers

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Asked by Anonymous on April 27th, 2018.
Matt H.
April 27th, 2018
Staff Member
This is a 20/10/10/10µF multi section cap at 450V. If this is what your amp calls for then it should work. The 6EU7 is a nine pin miniature tube and any of our 9 pin miniature tube sockets should work.
January 31st, 2019
As stated above, this should work fine. Just don't hook up the extra 10mFd section. I used this cap in a similar situation and just place a piece of heat shrink tubing over the extra lead.
Asked by Anonymous on December 29th, 2019.
December 31st, 2019
Staff Member
The four sections all share a common cathode (the outer casing/shell) and can not be wired in series.

Product Reviews

5.00 out of 5 based on 2 reviews
Tom Schupbach - January 31st, 2019
5 out of 5

Worked very well in an old Supro Amp that was in the shop. Size was appropriate for the amp.

Great quality, highly recommended.

David hale - November 11th, 2014
5 out of 5

Great equipment. Glad someone offers this. Great service as well. Quick and painless. Easy to use website. It is not complicated. Thanks