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Capacitor - Mallory, 630V, 150s, Axial Lead

Capacitor - Mallory, 630V, 150s, Axial Lead image 1
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Customer image:<br/>"Re-capped R390 Modules"
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Capacitor - Mallory, 630V, 150s, Axial Lead image 1
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Customer image: ""Customer image: "Re-capped R390 Modules"
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  • .047 µF
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  • Tubular metalized polyester film construction
  • ±10% tolerance
  • Axial leads
  • Non-Inductive, Self Healing

Please Note: Color of capacitor may vary from one production run to another.

Capacitance Diameter x Length
.001 μF .20" x .58"
.0022 μF .18" x .52"
.0047 μF .23" x .52"
.01 μF .24" x .65"
.022 μF .28" x .65"
.047 μF .32" x .81"
.1 μF .34" x 1.10"
.22 μF .45" x .1.10"
.47 μF .59" x 1.30"
Part Numbers
Capacitance - µFOur Part NumberUPC/EANMallory Part Number
.001 µFC-MD001-630609722132152 150102K630BB
.0022 µFC-MD0022-630609722132169 150222K630BB
.0047 µFC-MD0047-630609722132176 150472K630BB
.01 µFC-MD01-630609722132183 150103K630BB
.022 µFC-MD022-630609722132190 150223K630DB
.047 µFC-MD047-630609722132206 150473K630EC
.1 µFC-MD1-630609722132213 150104K630FE
.22 µFC-MD22-630609722132220 150224K630LE
.47 µFC-MD47-630609722132237 150474K630RF

RoHS Compliant

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Specifications, Files, and Documents

Product Reviews

4.72 out of 5 based on 29 reviews


5 out of 5

Realize Mallory does not make these. They pay an OEM winder to make them to Mallory's specifications. Tecate has wound a lot of the 150s. I have been using a Mexican wound cap made by Tecate that I love. I was gathering some more when I found some had Mallory 150 printed on them. I loaded up on all the 200 volt Mallory .1 uF 150s I could get. I wish Antique carried the 200 volt. The Q is better in the 200 volt and you definitely get a better top end from a Fender type build with the 200 volt in the amp. The other 600 volt .1uFs I have been picking up, are just yellow Tecates. They do test just like a Mallory 150 though. The Mallory is closer to a vintage Fender Blue Molded cap than about anything else out there. The bottom end is better than the top with these. The Q rolls way off at high frequencies. A Mullard mustard cap does the opposite. Their Q rolls off at around 300Hz, and progressively gets worse. Sozo Mullard copies follow the Mullard linearity going from 300Hz up to 30KHz, but the Sozo has a better tighter bottom end. You really do not want to put Dijons, or Sozos into a Fender build if you want it to still sound like a black face, blonde or brown Fender. These Mallory caps are a great value! Mallory paid Tecate to wind the caps. So Tecate is known as an OEM supplier. I see very good consistency in the Tecate made Mallory caps. Who makes them and when is up to Mallory. I am sure it is done on bids. So made in Mexico, in this case, is not at all a bad thing! The lower wages there keep the price down, and Tecate has great quality control. Their QC is as excellent as it gets! All the engineering is done in California, and their factory(ies) down in Mexico are just fabulous! When NAFTA first started in the 1990s Mexican quality control was just horrible, but by now they are definitely up to speed. I hope Mallory continues to use Tecate as an OEM. They are doing an incredible job. FYI, I use a 1980s high dollar LCR, a Z meter and a super high voltage no load power supply and Galvanometers to extensively test and analyze capacitors and plot linearity in several parameters from 10Hz to 30KHz, so if I say these are close to a 1960s Blue Molded, they are. They are not exact, but they are close. Much closer than orange drops, or other caps. I find good Chinese matches, but they vary from batch to batch, so one batch might be a spot on copy of a vintage tone cap and the next one is way off. You don't get this with the Mallory. I am sure they use the same type equipment I do, and if they do not meet spec they wind up being dumped off into the surplus world. (eBay)

- February 11th, 2015
5 out of 5

After trying every brand and type of non-polarized cap out there, i have setteled on the Mallory 150 as my favorite. They always sound perfect in anything i put them in. I will use these in everything i fix or build in the future. I wish they were still yellow.

- January 6th, 2015
5 out of 5

Love these will buy again

- December 21st, 2014
5 out of 5


- December 2nd, 2014
5 out of 5

I love Mallory 150's (Polyester) for imposing a slightly dark vibe to high gain amps. I use Polyproylene (Orange Drops, etc) for a more "hifi" sound. Be careful with your iron around these, the outer shell/wrap is thin.

- September 9th, 2014
5 out of 5

Mallories were used on my first guitar amp project, and it is clearly one of the best value-for-money coupling caps in the market!

- September 6th, 2014
5 out of 5

very smooth sounding. reliable, close tolerance.

- August 17th, 2014
5 out of 5

I like these for guitar tone caps. I've compared to orange drop and Russian OIP and these sound the best to me. They even cost less.

- July 27th, 2014
5 out of 5

These operate quite well in a range of applications. Their compact size and rugged construction make them good to work with in areas where space is limited.

- June 23rd, 2014


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