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Capacitor - Sprague Atom, Aluminum Electrolytic

Capacitor - Sprague Atom, Aluminum Electrolytic image 1
Customer image:<br/>"Hot rod deluxe to 57&#039;tweed deluxe conversion "
Customer image:<br/>"Vogel Instrument Company Evolution 30"
Customer image:<br/>"Vogel Instrument Company Class A Special"
Customer image:<br/>""
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Capacitor - Sprague Atom, Aluminum Electrolytic image 1
Customer Images:
Customer image: "Hot rod deluxe to 57&#039;tweed deluxe conversion "Customer image: "Vogel Instrument Company Evolution 30"Customer image: "Vogel Instrument Company Class A Special"Customer image: ""
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The best electrolytic money can buy. Minimum operating temperature: -20°C. Maximum operating temperature varies according to table:

Capacitance Our SKU Dimensions Max Temp
8µF - 150V C-SA8-150 0.38" D x 0.81" L 85°C
8uF - 450V C-SA8-450 0.50" D x 1.75" L 85°C
10uF - 50V C-SA10-50 0.25" D x 0.50" L 85°C
10uF - 150V C-SA10-150 0.38" D x 0.81" L 85°C
10uF - 500V C-SA10-500 0.75" D x 1.69" L 65°C
16uF - 475V C-SA16-475 0.88" D x 1.63" L 85°C
20uF - 500V C-SA20-500 0.88" D x 2.25" L 65°C
20uF - 600V C-SA20-600 1.00" D x 3.90" L 65°C
25uF - 25V C-SA25-25 0.25" D x 0.50" L 85°C
25uF - 50V C-SA25-50 0.25" D x 0.68" L 85°C
30uF - 500V C-SA30-500 0.63" D x 1.15" L 65°C
40uF - 500V C-SA40-500 1.00" D x 2.38" L 65°C
50uF - 50V C-SA50-50 0.31" D x 0.81" L 85°C
80uF - 450V C-SA80-450 1.00" D x 2.63" L 85°C
100uF - 100V C-SA100-100 0.44" D x 1.50" L 85°C
100uF- 350V C-SA100-350 1.00" D x 2.63" L 85°C
100uF - 450V C-SA100-450 1.25" D x 3.12" L 85°C
250uF - 25V C-SA250-25 0.38" D x 0.94" L 85°C
OptionOur Part NumberUPC/EAN
10 µF - 150VC-SA10-150609722128117
10 µF - 25VC-SA10-25841358104749
10 µF - 500VC-SA10-500609722128124
10 µF - 50VC-SA10-50841358106385
100 µF - 100VC-SA100-100609722128131
100 µF - 350VC-SA100-350609722128148
100 µF - 450VC-SA100-450609722128155
16 µF - 475VC-SA16-475609722128162
2 µF - 50VC-SA2-50841358104756
20 µF - 500VC-SA20-500609722128179
20 µF - 600VC-SA20-600609722128186
25 µF - 25VC-SA25-25609722128193
25 µF - 50VC-SA25-50609722128209
250 µF - 25VC-SA250-25609722128216
30 µF - 500VC-SA30-500609722128223
40 µF - 500VC-SA40-500609722128230
5 µF - 50VC-SA5-50
50 µF - 50VC-SA50-50609722128247
8 µF - 150VC-SA8-150609722128254
8 µF - 450VC-SA8-450609722128261
80 µF - 450VC-SA80-450609722128278
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Product Reviews

4.89 out of 5 based on 44 reviews



sprague is a great capacitor but i have purchased the larger value's
and they seem to be off by quite a bit, not sure why?

daryl stillman - April 21st, 2018

These are the best. If they won't physically fit, I get the F&T's, but these are always my first choice.

Daniel Lang - November 19th, 2017

Very happy with these. The 5 -500 volt 16 mFD caps I bought a month ago are also stamped made in thats good to know also.

blackplates - May 28th, 2017

I love it, it worked out to be excellent in my ST-70. I'm gladly recommend it.

Nemeske - December 13th, 2016

Superior Products Indeed. Brought my 1960's Noble Amp back to life

Kim White - May 13th, 2016

Another key to the great sound I get from my Hammond Organ. Always use the best to get the best sound!

Anonymous - April 13th, 2016

I am doing a restoration of a 1962 Fender Bandmaster which had never been cracked open.
I replaced the electrolytics with Sprague Atoms and replaced all the tubes. This amp has gone from a noisy static filled sound to an amazing warm clean solid tone and the tremolo is fantastic completely unbeatable.

John Vannus - April 12th, 2016

These are always a great replacement for Fender tube amps.

Allan B - April 5th, 2016

Not cheap, but if you have something made by Fender for guitar & bass or Halligan for ham radio, why cut corners? These are top tier! I still have a few old Orange Sprague atoms in my parts boxes but anything over 350 volts has long since been used up. These are THE OEM cap of Vintage Fender. If I don't want to spend this much, I will use F&T. I am not a huge fan of IC caps, among others. - February 18th, 2016

Great caps

L tabor - February 10th, 2016


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