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Capacitors are passive devices that are used in almost all electrical circuits for rectification, coupling and tuning. Also known as condensers, a capacitor is simply two electrical conductors separated by an insulating layer called a dielectric. The conductors are usually thin layers of aluminum foil, while the dielectric can be made up of many materials including paper, mylar, polypropylene, ceramic, mica, and even air. Electrolytic capacitors have a dielectric of aluminum oxide which is formed through the application of voltage after the capacitor is assembled.

Characteristics of different capacitors are determined by not only the material used for the conductors and dielectric, but also by the thickness and physical spacing of the components.

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C-PFD047-50-RCapacitor - 50V, 0.047µF, Used In Pedal Kits

Polyester Film Capacitor used in MOD® Pedal Kits. Rated at 0.047µF 50V. Tolerance: 10%. Operating temperature: -40 C to +85 C

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C-PFD1-50-RCapacitor - 50V, 0.1µF, Polyester

Polyester Film Capacitor used in MOD® Pedal Kits. Rated at 0.1µF 50V. Tolerance: 10%. Operating temperature: -40 C to +85 C

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C-PEICapacitor - 100V, Polyester Film Inductive
Package of 5

Polyester film dielectric, aluminum foil electrode, copperply leads and epoxy resin coating in inductive type.

  • Small size, light weight and low cost
  • Dissipation factor is small because the leads are directly welded to electrodes
  • Epoxy resin vacuum-dipped enhances the mechanical strength, humidity resistance
  • 100 volt rating
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C.
  • Package of 5

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C-V365Capacitor - 365pF, Variable, Single Section

Single section 365 pf variable capacitor, also referred to as a tuning capacitor. A compact, rugged, economical unit used in wide variety of low-voltage applications. This capacitor's almost cubical shape makes more efficient use of space and delivers a remarkable amount of capacitance for its volume.

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C-D680-50Capacitor - 50V, 680pF, Ceramic Disc
Ceramic disc capacitor, 680 pF (.00068µF) rated for up to 50 V.
Non linear temperature coefficient of capacitance
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C-ET100-25-ILCapacitor - Illinois, 25V, 100µF, Axial Lead Electrolytic

Rated for 85 degree operation. Tolerance ±20%

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C-CX-500Capacitor - 500V, Ceramic Disc, ± 10%

Radial ceramic capacitor.

  • Voltage rating: 500VDC
  • Tolerance: ± 10%

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C-ETRX-160Capacitor - 160V, Radial Lead, Electrolytic

High quality, radial leaded, aluminum electrolytic capacitors rated at 160VDC.

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