Capacitors are passive devices that are used in almost all electrical circuits for rectification, coupling and tuning. Also known as condensers, a capacitor is simply two electrical conductors separated by an insulating layer called a dielectric. The conductors are usually thin layers of aluminum foil, while the dielectric can be made up of many materials including paper, mylar, polypropylene, ceramic, mica, and even air. Electrolytic capacitors have a dielectric of aluminum oxide which is formed through the application of voltage after the capacitor is assembled. Characteristics of different capacitors are determined by not only the material used for the conductors and dielectric, but also by the thickness and physical spacing of the components.
Capacitor - Fender, .05 µF at 150V, Vintage '50s, Mylar & Tin
Fender offers a wide selection of Pure Vintage electronics to players looking to restore or upgrade their guitar or amplifier with classic Fender in mind. From potentiometers to select capacitors, tube sockets and more, these electronics are created to closely replicate original-era Fender parts and have been used on a number of Fender reissue instruments and amplifiers, including the American Vintage series of guitars and basses.
Cap Set - for Orange Graphic MK II (120 watt)
Package of 10
Replacement electrolytic capacitor set.
Basic set includes:
  • (2) C-EC100-385
  • (2) C-ET33-450
  • (2) C-ET22-450
  • (2) C-ET10-160
  • (2) C-ET47-50
Premium set includes:
  • (2) C-EC100-385 (JJ)
  • (2) C-SA40-500 (Sprague Atom)
  • (2) C-SA16-475 (Sprague Atom)
  • (2) C-SA10-150 (Sprague Atom)
  • (2) C-SA50-50 (Sprague Atom)
Warning: Some electrolytic capacitors can store charge even after the amp has been turned off and unplugged for some time.
Starting at $28.48
Capacitor - CE Mfg., 450V, 80/40/40µF
CE Manufacturing USA Made Multi Section Can Capacitor. Reproduced To Exact Mallory Specs Using Original Mallory Machinery
  • 80/40/40uF - 450VDC Electrolytic
  • FP / Twist Lock Style. Solder Tabs
  • -10%, +50% Tolerance, 55°C Temperature Rating
  • 1 ⅜"D X 4"H
Capacitor - 35V, 4.7µF, Axial Lead Electrolytic
High quality tubular electrolytic capacitor. Rated for 85°C operation. Size 0.21" dia. x 0.45" length.
Capacitor - MusiCap, 100V, Film & Foil Polypropylene
Critical loudspeaker crossovers deserve to have a transparent product specific to the application. Speaker MusiCaps, with their thicker leads, are a revelation in well-designed crossover networks. While a fully MusiCap-ed crossover is supreme, just installing MusiCaps in the tweeter circuit will reveal much additional detail and nuance. Many prominent high-end loudspeaker manufacturers have been using MusiCaps in their top models for years.
Capacitor - 250V, .068µF, Metal Film, ±10%
0.068uF Metal Film capacitor. ± 10% tolerance. Non-inductive self healing windings. Polyester film axial lead capacitor. 250 Volts.