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W-AM-JM2PPlug - Amphenol, ¼", Mono, Jumbo, Thermoplastic, Satin

1/4" JUMBO mono plug, thermoplastic backshell, satin finish. Features:

  • Cable O.D. 7.5mm to 10.5mm (0.295" to 0.413")
  • Stylised Shell design with ergonomic grip
  • Robust diecast shell
  • Great solderability with increased solder area
  • Precision machined contacts
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Nickel contact-plating

You save: 10%
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W-AM-AX3FB-AUXLR Plug - Amphenol, Female, Black, Gold-Plated

XLR 3 pole female, stamped gold plated contacts, black finish. Features:

  • Unique Australian designed shell and housing
  • Ergonomic stylish sleeve design for improved grip
  • Oversized latch lever preserves your thumb
  • Leading first mate last break pin 1 on socket connectors
  • Chuck style cable clamp to suit 3mm - 8mm (0.118" - 0.314") cable
  • Overmolded cable support boot
  • New socket contact design for improved contact resistance
  • Precision machined pin contacts
  • Compact 2.5mm (14AWG) solder buckets to reduce soldering time and

You save: 5%
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P-GRV-GP630XStrap locks - Grover, Star shape
Colors Available:

These new buttons offer players the opportunity to attach their strap with style. They keep the players' strap locked without the hassles or expense of traditional strap locks. The two-piece screw on design lets the player change styles easily while the oversized die-cast buttons and custom-fitted o-rings safely secure the strap. All hardware is provided and the installation process is simple. Replaces original strap button with no modification or damage to the instrument.

Starting at $9.25
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P-GTSJP-XJack Plate - for Stratocaster
Colors Available:

Replacement jack plate for Stratocasters

Starting at $2.95
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P-K516XKnob - Speed, Set Of 2 (Package of 2)
Colors Available:

Generic replacement, retro fit for Gibson - speed knob, package of 2. Multiple color options available.

Starting at $2.95
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P-GTAST-AAnchor - Fender®, for American standard tremolo, set of 2
Original Fender® anchors for American Standard Tremolo, set of 2.
You save: 7%
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S-SJ-3201Hedlock Fastener - 4 Sets of 2 Clips (Package of 8)
These super sturdy fasteners are great for speaker covers or helping prevent earthquake damage. 4 sets of 2 clips (package of 8).
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P-H552Footswitch - Carling, SPST, Momentary, Off-On, Solder Lugs

Carling, SPST footswitch, momentary (off-on), normally open with solder lugs.

You save: 13%
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P-H503-PCSwitch - Footswitch, DPDT, Momentary, PC Terminals

DPDT momentary footswitch with PC terminals. Black with 6 terminals. AC125V 4A, AC250V 2A.

You save: 12%
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P-PUGCV-43Pickup cover - Gibson®, humbucker bridge, gold

Gibson Humbucker bridge position pickup cover. Multiple color options available.

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(21 pages)
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