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R-VWAH-LPPot - 100K, Wah Replacement, Life, Smooth

100K Life Pot is a high grade Wah pot replacement. This wah pedal upgrade is sold with all necessary hardware and gear for immediate installation.

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P-GTVT-XBridge - Fender®, 3-Saddle, for Vintage Telecaster
Colors Available:

(Non-serialized) Bridge Plate, 3-Brass Vintage Tele® Saddles. Mounting hardware included.

Starting at $43.75
Partially Out of Stock
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P-HW09Caster - Peavey, Locking Brake
Peavey Locking-Brake Caster (Set of 4)
  • Two wheels have foot-operated brakes
  • Packaged as a set of four
  • Mounting hardware and allen wrench included
  • Caster has maximum capacity of 100 lbs.
  • Weight Unpacked: 2.35 lb(1.065 kg)
  • Weight Packed: 2.54 lb(1.152 kg)
  • Width Packed: 8.25"(20.955 cm)
  • Height Packed: 11"(27.94 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 3.375"(8.5725 cm)
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P-H1590BCE-BKChassis Box - 4.39" x 2.34" x 1.06", Black

4.39" x 2.34" x 1.06" D. Equivalent to Hammond P-H1590B, black finish.

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C-EC20-20-450Capacitor - CE Mfg., 450V, 20/20uF
  • CE Manufacturing USA Made Multi Section Can Capacitor. Reproduced To Exact Mallory Specs Using Original Mallory Machinery.
  • 20/20uF 450VDC. Because of raw material problems, this capacitor has a printed circuit board style grounding lug instead of the standard chassis mount solder type twist lock mount.
  • It can be used anywhere the standard twist lock lugs is used, but you'll have to wrap your ground connection around the pc style lug instead of using a standard solder lug.
  • -10%, +50% Tolerance, 85°C Temperature Rating.
  • 1"D X 2-½"H.

You save: 41%
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C-MCC-600Capacitor - MusiCap, 600V, Polypropylene, Coupling
Multiple Options Available
MusiCaps are constructed using separate layers of premium foil and polypropylene films, rather than the vapor deposited, metallized film used by most other manufacturers. Film-plus-foil construction requires more costly materials and result in MusiCaps being approximately 100% larger than typical metallized-film capacitors, yet the benefits are immediately discernible. MusiCaps provide a dramatic improvement in clarity, focus and dynamics when used in critical new designs, as an upgrade to existing tube or solid-state components, or in musical instruments.
Starting at $12.15
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S-H125Capacitor Clamp - 2" Diameter
Clamp for mounting electrolytic can capacitors in vertical position. Hardware not included.
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B-659Western Electric Tube Data, 2nd Edition
Western Electric Tube Data
Hard-to-find data for 44 Western Electric tube types (205D, 300B, 350B, etc.) popular for audio use and early tube collecting. Includes pictures of tubes and complete operating characteristics and curves.
240 pages, 1.5 lbs, 8.5" x 11".
You save: 50%
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B-952The Les Paul Guitar Book by Tony Bacon

The Les Paul Guitar Book by Tony Bacon Tony Bacon's definitive guide to Gibson's most famous guitar moves into its latest and most complete version yet with this new and thoroughly revised edition.

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P-H295-SHandle - Marshall Style, Black Vintage, Silver Ends, Large
Large Marshall style, vintage type large plastic handle with silver ends. Caps sold separately.
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(21 pages)
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