DIY Speaker Cabinets for Musical Instrument Applications

DIY Speaker Cabinets for Musical Instrument Applications

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by Kevin O'Connor

Speaker cabinet design is mysterious to most people, but it doesn't have to be - especially when it comes to speakers for musical instruments. Cabinet evolution is described culminating in Kevin's own designs built by London Power, based on 20+ years of experience and input from expert speaker designers.

Resonant and non-resonant cabinets are explored, along with the choice for building materials, finishes, woodworking techniques, installing grill cloth, and the use of wheels and handles. Driver selection and mixing is detailed, covering driver impedance, power ratings and wiring.

Dare to design bad tone right out of your life!

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Product Reviews

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michaelmx - December 3rd, 2018
5 out of 5

This short volume is a comprehensive look at Musical Instrument Speaker Cabinet Design and Construction. When it comes to Speaker Cabinet Design there are lots of opinions to be found. This author is no exception and can be fairly opinionated at times. Because he has a couple of decades of experience with not only the subject matter, but also with Professional Sound Reinforcement, I give his opinions more credence than I would to someone with, say, more speculation than experience. For example, he is a proponent of ´detuned cabinets´. He gives a good description of them and makes a good case for their merits.

This is not an Electronics Primer. The author assumes that the reader is familiar with Ohm´s Law, series/parallel calculations and other fundamentals of electricity. However, in the cabinet construction section of the book, he assumes no previous experience with Cabinet Making. There are some detailed descriptions of shop tools and how to set them up specifically for speaker cabinet construction.

This is not a big book, but there is a lot of good information in it. It seems to be quite complete and I found it well organized. Recommended to anyone looking for a good reference on the subject.