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ECC803/12AX7 - JJ Electronics, Long Plate

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The JJ ECC803 is a long-plate version of the standard 12AX7. The longer plates give the tube higher gain. It has a rich and full tone with creamy distortion that does well in any 12AX7 application.

Spiral filament for reduced microphonics.

Available with gold pins.

JJ Tubes are known for known for their high quality, durability, and their excellence in tone. Formerly produced by Tesla, JJ tubes are still made to exacting standards. They work well in all applications.

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Specifications, Files, and Documents

Product Reviews

4.86 out of 5 based on 7 reviews

Very round Warren Haynes tone. No need for NOS with these tubes available.

loopy - December 13th, 2015

Tube is great! The difference is unreal. I will be buying more of these.

lockingnut - October 19th, 2015

If you have a bright and clean amp that is lacking in overtones.
This tube will liquify your tones and add depth.
Adds punch, warmth and sweetens shrill highs.
Makes reissue blackface amps sound more vintage in a wonderful way.

reverb hound - September 22nd, 2015

Love these - perfect for keeping the gain under control with a slightly softer voice

davidiesel&Dust - July 28th, 2015

I am using this in V2 ---So V1 = EH 12Ay7 ----V2+ JJECC803 --- V3 Tad 12AX7 --- Power Tubes JJ EL84

In a Bill M Modded Blues Jr 3 Humboldt - Cannabis Rex Speaker and Cap upgrades as well as tone stack.

Wonderful... Far more gain which I love as I play very clean - Suits my style I recommend all the tubes above

Anonymous - December 22nd, 2014

I replaced an old short plate 12AX7 and just wanted to see how this guy sounded. To my ears, it definitely appears to have higher gain characteristics, as described. I like it a lot in my old Univox 2x12 running EL84s, but not as much in my old Sano amp that shines most with clean reverb tones. Consider your application before hand, sometimes lower gain is more appropriate.

DM - August 17th, 2014

This tube has replaced my favorite NOS Mullard in V1 of my Marshall. Good stuff.

Bryan Morris - August 2nd, 2014

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